How To Use Citrine to Attract Money?

Citrine is a pale yellow quartz type that is widely utilized to help create financial prosperity. It promotes joy, optimism, and happiness, motivating us to be open to new opportunities. Citrine also opens the solar plexus chakra, boosting self-confidence and providing the strength to attain financial goals. You can use it in a variety of ways to achieve financial independence. Continue reading to learn more about this lovely stone and how to use it to attract money.

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Citrine Meaning and Applications

Citrine is an uncommon crystal in that it transmutes negative energy rather than absorbing it; therefore, it does not need to be cleared like most crystals. It promotes balanced emotions and sensations of serenity.

Is Citrine a money magnet?

Each crystal has a unique vibrational frequency. Citrine has a high vibrational frequency that corresponds to wealth and abundance. It is also one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation.

If you want to attract more money, a Citrine can help you do so by aligning your energy with financial success.

Its properties can be amplified by combining it with the law of attraction.

Citrine is a warm-energy gem that can help you achieve your financial goals. It urges you to let go of negativity and make room for abundance to come in.

If you own a business, one of the best things you can do to attract money is to place a piece of Citrine in your cash register or on your business card.

Citrine also provides warm vibrations that promote your self-esteem and confidence. This motivates you to pursue your goals and achieve your objectives. It’s a crystal full of good energy, essential for reaching your goals.

How to Attract Money Using Citrine?

You’ll find 10 various ways to use Citrine to bring financial success into your business or boost prosperity at home listed below:

Program it with an intention

Set an intention with your Citrine crystal to achieve your financial goals. Setting daily intentions puts you in a good mood and encourages you to stick to your goals. It is also one of the most potent manifestations.

It’s usually a good idea to cleanse your crystal before you start manifesting with it. This removes the previous energy taken by the gemstone.

Next, you’ll want to find a peaceful place where you can relax. Close your eyes and sit or lie down. Try to let go of whatever worry or anxiety you may be feeling. Take three deep breaths while holding your Citrine. Then, multiple times, repeat your intention aloud.

While you’re doing this, imagine all the love and happiness you’ll feel when your intention comes true. When you’re finished, keep your Citrine close by as a visual reminder of your intention. 

Prepare Citrine infused water

Drink citrine-infused water throughout the day to stay energized and flush out any unwelcome energies and pollutants.

Drinking citrine water will keep you feeling revitalized, energized, and enthused about life.

Create a crystal grid

Crystal grids have the advantage of combining the abilities of crystals’ abilities and sacred geometry. In fact, one of the most efficient ways to employ crystals for manifesting what you want is to create crystal grids.

The trick is in the crystals you choose and how they are arranged. For example, if you wanted to create a money crystal grid, you would choose Citrine as your main crystal. Then, as supporting stones, you may use Pyrite, Green Aventurine, or Clear Quartz to intensify the energy of your Citrine.

Remember to set an intention for your grid before you begin. For example, you can hold your Citrine in your hands and say aloud multiple times, “I desire to attract money.” Alternatively, write your desire on a strip of paper and set it beneath the largest crystal in the grid’s center.

If you want to make crystal grids, you may discover stunning printable crystal grid patterns here that can help you realize your desires!

Carry Citrine in your purse

Keeping Citrine in your purse is especially beneficial if they seek wealth and money. This way, every time you open your purse, you’ll be reminded of your ambitions. Finally, it will make you happier and favorably modify your thinking regarding your own finances.

Keeping Citrine in your handbag will inspire you to make wise financial decisions because you will be more aware of how frequently you spend money.

Here’s a brief routine you may perform whenever you open your purse: Hold your Citrine in your hand and declare, “I am a money magnet.” This will undoubtedly assist you in attracting more abundance your way! 

Take a refreshing citrine bath

Set an intention for raw Citrine to cleanse and charge the water with positive healing energy before placing it in the bathtub.

You can also use Himalayan salt or natural sea salt to absorb bad energy.

You can also use cleansing essential oils like frankincense, juniper, lavender, rosemary, and sage.

A few droplets can improve the experience.

Soak and relax in the tub for around 20 minutes, and you’ll feel refreshed and re-energized to tackle the day’s tasks.

Citrine motivates you and drives away feelings of exhaustion as it pushes you towards your objective.

Set on Xun, the Wealth Corner

Citrine has a natural relationship to Xun, or the feng shui bagua map area associated with affluence and fortune, due to its affinity to prosperity and abundance. You may discover your home’s wealth corner by standing in the front entrance and peering in. Your money is located in the far left corner. Add a piece of Citrine to this region of your home if you want to bring greater financial riches into your life. Citrine is also associated with self-worth, so place it here to enhance your personal confidence and trust in yourself. 

Create a wish list

Do you know what you truly desire? Most individuals know what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they want to achieve or gain. This is where making a wishlist can come in handy.

Making a wishlist is one of the simplest ways to attract money, whether new to crystals or the law of attraction.

To make your list, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your Citrine crystal. Sit in a peaceful place with your Citrine close by. Begin by putting down all of your financial objectives. It might be anything, large or tiny.

If you’re new to the law of attraction, I’d recommend starting with small or easily doable goals to ease you in.

When you’re finished writing your list, I recommend storing it under your Citrine crystal wherever you can see it every day. Then, each day, read your list for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel glad and grateful as if everything on it has already come true.

You can do this while holding your Citrine in your palm, which will make you feel more excited and cheerful.

Use Citrine crystal for manifestation

Citrine is an excellent manifestation crystal.

You can use a citrine crystal as a Magic Rock to practice being grateful.

Every day, before going to bed, hold your magic rock in both hands and express your gratitude for everything positive that happened to you that day.

Doing so daily will fill the citrine stone with the good energy of appreciation. If you feel demotivated or defeated, simply touching and holding the stone for a few minutes can help you overcome those negative emotions.

Wear Citrine jewelry

Wearing Citrine on your body is the finest method to benefit from its healing properties. Citrine, in fact, creates gorgeous jewelry and is an excellent choice for necklaces or rings.

Regularly wearing Citrine is the most effective approach to harnessing its energies and intensifying your intentions to attract money.

When the stone comes into contact with your skin, it has the potential to bring light and joy into your life.

It will increase your positivity and allow you to focus your efforts on generating abundance rather than your aspirations.

Citrine can be used for meditation

Using gemstones and crystals during meditations can also help to balance your chakras and tune into the frequency you want to reach. Place the Citrine on your solar plexus chakra while lying down (which is located about four or five inches above your belly button, right beneath your ribcage). The citrine chakra corresponds to the solar plexus.

Remember to use Citrine to attract more money and abundance into your life! It’s a fun and simple method to connect with the frequency of financial wealth!

Light a Citrine candle

Crystal candles are intended to cleanse your space as well as your aura. They dispel negativity and re-establish positive energy all around you. 

You can make intentions for your candles in the same way you would with crystals. Simply light the candle and spend some time imagining what you want from it.

Another excellent application for your crystal candle is to light it while meditation. It will both clean the place and leave a pleasant odor in it. It sets the tone and helps you stay focused on your goal.

Concentrate on abundance

The majority of individuals have a scarcity mentality. They are afraid of the unknown, of the future, and only see the negative aspects of their lives. But the truth is, to live an abundant life, you must first cultivate an abundant mindset.

It not only makes you feel more grateful, but it also makes you feel more confident and capable.

Focusing on abundance motivates you to take action daily to reach your objectives. You think bigger, are more motivated, and have a more proactive attitude toward life.

Connecting to an object, or in our case, a crystal is an excellent approach to cultivate your abundant mindset. You may, for example, decide that your Citrine crystal would serve as a reminder of your desire to focus on abundance.

Take it with you wherever you go to rekindle your confidence, excitement, and resolve to attain your financial objectives.

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