Super Seven Crystal: What is It and How to Use It for the Best Results?

The super seven crystal is the ultimate gemstone to have around. It is a combination of powerful crystals that can completely transform your life. In addition, the metaphysical and healing properties of this crystal will impress you since you can quickly feel its vibration.

The super 7 crystal is a symbol for expansion and transformation. It can become your ally in numerous aspects of your life. But the most notable one remains to purify your soul. Keep reading to discover everything this gemstone has to offer!

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What is the super seven crystal? 

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The super seven crystal is unlike any other you will use. It is commonly referred to as Melody’s stone or the sacred seven stones. It is made of seven crystals naturally occurring together: Amethyst, Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rutile, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, and Goethite.

Super seven gemstone origin and uses

The super 7 stone is rare. It is a unique mineral occurring in only one small locality in Brazil. It can be found in the coastal town Espirito Santo, the only place on the globe where the super seven forms.

It is a powerhouse crystal with numerous uses and benefits. Each component has its particular properties, including expanded awareness, inspiration, interdimensional communication, self-healing, and spiritual awakening.

Super 7 crystal meaning

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When it comes to the meaning of the super seven stone, you should know it is quite straightforward. It signifies it is a stone of the new world, with impressive powers as a psychic enabler. It can boost your psychic skills, especially the ability to see auras. This is why it is called super. In addition, it carries the vibration of all of those crystals together, making it peculiar and powerful.

Super 7 crystal healing properties 

The super 7 gemstone is great for harmonizing the body, boosting the body’s natural ability to heal and recover. It can support cellular memory and regeneration. This stone has numerous healing properties, being a powerhouse of good vibes.

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Melody’s stone can aid with bone health, skin health, and the immune system. Besides, it can become your ally if you’re experiencing nightmares or insomnia. If you have it near your bed, it’s believed that the super seven quartz can contribute to blood purification. This improves sleep and lessens breathing problems.

Its healing vibes can aid in dealing with chronic stress and anxiety. It allows the body to rest and slows down. In addition, it offers support to the thyroid, balancing hormones and lessening the effects of the stress hormones.

An interesting fact about the super 7 crystal is its ability to aid with fertility problems. It can soothe and restore the vitality of the reproductive organs. As such, it is believed to be a powerful purifier that can help you overcome your problem and conceive.

Super seven crystals metaphysical properties

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The super seven gemstones will aid you to accept all your experience, no matter if they’re bad or good. It offers a deep sense of acceptance and calmness, which you won’t discover with any other crystal.

Besides this, it can offer you abundance and a deep sense of gratitude. As a result, it will inspire you to do more and use your talents for professional success.

The super 7 crystal can bring good fortune into your life. It can keep you on the right track, support you when challenges occur, and attract the necessary energies to achieve success. It offers a lot of positivity and balancing power that will keep you focused no matter what.

Another property of this stone is its ability to help you expand your reality. It works to help you let go of all your fears, doubts, and frustrations in love. And it will guide you towards removing anything in your relationship that disrupts your wellbeing. This stone will help you see things from a new perspective.

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Melody’s stone is your ally in cleansing negative attachments. If you’re facing difficulties in accepting, you have to move on. This crystal is there to guide you. It will aid you to embrace the grief, feel it and let it go. Its purpose is to start your emotional healing while understanding your fears.

It is safe to say that the super seven crystal is the stone that will shed new light on your relationships. It can track past fears or old karmic patterns so that it teaches you how to overcome these. It is a stone of compassion, so it will be gentle with you during the transformation process.

How to use the super seven crystal? 

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The best way to use this crystal is in psychic meditation. It would be best if you kept it close for long periods so that it gets the chance to balance your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll notice that each time this stone is close to your personal auric fields, you’ll have a deep sense of personal healing.

Another thing you can do is place it under your pillow. It can offer a good night’s sleep, but it can do even more. Sleeping with the super seven crystal will lead to deep contentment, harmony, and peace.

Remember that it acts as a cosmic translator. You should pay close attention to all the signs around you since it can help you tap into higher energies. This incredible stone can pave the path towards spiritual awakening if you use it wisely. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t require you to cleanse or charge it. It is energetically packed with the best energies, thanks to its composition.

You can wear it, sleep on it or keep it close to you in a pocket. It will help you see the world from a different perspective if it’s near your auric field.

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