12 Best Crystals for Protection (+Crystals Used for Curses)

If your spirit is loaded with negative energy, you will most likely feel like there is a heavy burden positioned on top of your head. Still, you can overcome this with a simple, yet powerful solution. Protection stones can cleanse and shield your energy so that you will not attract any more bad vibes.

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And you should know that we can catch a lot of negative energy by merely standing in a crowded place. Anyhow, no matter how you attract such energies, you can always heal and cleanse your aura with the help of crystals for protection. 

Strongest protection stone: Black Tourmaline 

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Hand-carved and charged Black Tourmaline heart from Zenergy Gems

Everyone agrees that the most potent protection stone you can keep around is Black Tourmaline. This is an asset for keeping at bay low energies and frequencies. Still, at the same time, it can favor the appearance of a positive emotional attitude.

This stone is so powerful because it uses negative energy, it cleanses it, and it transforms it into something positive. This creates a positive force field around you, which will prevent future bad energies and thoughts from making you feel off.

And the best part about Black Tourmaline is that it activates your connection between the root chakra and earth, which will shield you from ill-wishers and negative attitudes. 

Best crystal for protection from spirits: Jet Stone

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Palm Jet found on Amazon

Even though the Black Tourmaline can ward off evil spirits too, the Jet stone is even more potent for this purpose. Jet is not a regular crystal. It is a rather unique item, a fossilized wood, making it harder than coal.

As such, it is the best crystal for protection from evil spirits, and it can shield you against physical and psychological violence. Overall, the jet stone protects you from darker, ill-intended entities or spirit attachments. But to make it efficient in protecting you from spirits, it is highly recommended to cleanse the stone frequently. 

Best crystal for negative energy removal: Amethyst

Set of gorgeous Amethyst pocket stones found at Sivana

Amethyst (also known as the main February birthstone) is considered to be one of the most spiritual stones. And this happens because it can vibrate at higher notes than it is the case with other protection crystals.

It can protect and heal your energy field by keeping at bay psychic attacks and negativity. Besides, it is commonly known as the stone of spirituality because it can remove negative energy and encourage contentment and balance.

And the best part about it is that the Amethyst can use negative vibes to your advantage. It can take and transform such negative energies into something beneficial for you. Overall, the Amethyst encourages peace of mind, inner strength, and removes any trace of negativity in your aura.

Powerful protection stone for empaths: Citrine

Powerful Citrine bracelet from Sivana

We all know how vulnerable empaths are. Such individuals absorb any type of energy, no matter if it is positive or negative. Hence, they need powerful protection, so that the abundance of negative energy they attract doesn’t impact their wellbeing.

And one powerful protection stone for empaths is Citrine. This is a yellowish-orange stone with the ability to encourage natural healing while balancing energy. It is an exciting stone because it connects to the warmth and power provided by sunlight.

And the sun is essential for any empath. This is the only ally a sensitive person has in keeping his flow of energy clean and balanced. Mainly, citrine is an efficient cleanser and regenerator for the energy field of empaths.

Best psychic protection stone: Tiger’s eye

Tiger Eye beaded bracelet found at Sivana

Tiger’s eye has been used since ancient times as an amulet to protect an individual against psychic attacks. It is well-known as a powerful protective stone that wards off ill wishing and curses.

Also, some believe that it can transfer the tiger’s abilities to the wearer, which in turn boosts his ability to withstand any attack from a psychic or negative field force. 

Stone for protection from evil: Fluorite

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Rainbow fluorite wands for reiki healing and meditation. Read more reviews here.

Fluorite is usually associated with the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. And it’s the main characteristic its related to is its protective essence. It is terrific for those having a hard time keeping unwanted influences away.

At the same time, it can turn out to be extremely helpful for creating a protective field against evil.

Also, fluorite can protect you from other individual’s attitudes, so that your energy field doesn’t get contaminated with ill-wishes. This crystal has a nurturing and protective ability, which can shield you from sorcery, psychic attacks, or any evil action taken against you. 

Best psychic protection stone: Labradorite

Delicate labradorite mala found at my favorite crystal shop – Sivana

Labradorite is also known as the stone of serendipity. It’s especially helpful for guarding the throat and third eye chakra. Its exciting mix of colors makes it extremely attractive.

It is a mix of iridescent compounds, which can boost your confidence and offer that specific strength required to fight psychic attacks.

Also, the labradorite has a potent and easily spread energy field. This means it can encompass your aura, protect it from psychic attacks, and cleanse it from such unwanted influences. And the best part about the labradorite is that wearing it every day can keep at bay other people’s feelings of jealousy or obsession. 

The crystal that absorbs negative energy: Fire Agate

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Banded Fire Agate palm stone from Amazon

Fire Agate was a crystal frequently used in the rituals of fire gods and goddesses. Egyptians believed it is a must-have item in any ceremony, which needed to be used before proceeding to praise their gods.

As such, Fire Agate is one of the best crystals that absorb negative energy. This crystal has several properties, including a calming and grounding effect.

This crystal can remove any trace of negative energy while encouraging you to regain stability, prosperity, and strength. Hence, if you are looking for emotional healing after an unpleasant energy attack, this stone is the best solution for you. It can significantly improve your grounding energy while having a healing effect on your aura. 

Crystal for sleep protection: Lepidolite

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Hand-carved and Selenite charged palm Lepidolite by Zenergy Gems

Lepidolite is a rather unusual crystal, being usually identified with regaining balance and harmony. And indeed, this crystal has potent healing properties, which can turn out to be beneficial for sleep protection.

Also, this crystal can lessen the burden of anxiety, favor inner balance, and allow you to regain the best sleep pattern. It is an excellent crystal for sleep protection because it can both soothe you and prevent any negative energies from having a direct impact on your sleep. Lepidolite offers a channel towards a balance between your mind, body, and spirit, which is why it is a great ally to wear all day long. 

Crystal for home protection: Shungite

Protective bracelet with Shungite and Tiger’s Eye from AtPerry’s

Shungite comes from Russia, and it basically represents an ancient carbonaceous rock. It consists of a mix of elements, including sulfur and oxygen. And being a rather old compound, it is believed to have an impression protection ability.

Also, Shungite is a grounding element, which can help you regain your connection with the exterior world. But the most crucial aspect of this rock is that it can protect your home and ward off electromagnetic frequencies. Also, it makes room for a calming environment.

Also, to boost the home protection effects of Shungite, you can associate it with its mighty guardian angels: Black Tourmaline and Selenite. 

Best crystal for protection at work: Blue Kyanite

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Gorgeous and charged palm Blue Kyanite stone from Zenergy Gems

One of the best gems for protection at work is Blue Kyanite. It is an ally in preventing people from messing with your head and mental wellbeing. But at the same time, it is a powerful protector for work environments because it keeps at bey manipulation, coercion, or even bullying.

And the best part about it is that it will allow you to see clearly a person’s intention, as the Blue Kyanite enables you to read between the lines. Overall, it can protect your personal space at work, prevent compromising situations, and keep up your energy aura at its best during work hours. 

Best crystal for protection of all: Staurolite

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Staurolite pendant from Amazon

Staurolite is also known as the fairy cross. And I can say for sure this is the best crystal that can protect you against everything. It has a unique appearance, and it can aid you in channeling your energy for great things.

Also, this crystal can prevent unwanted spirits and negative thoughts from attaching to you. And the best part about it is that it can protect both you and the environment you’re in. It is highly recommended to have Staurolite in your pocket at all times so that you receive the best protection throughout the day. 

How to use crystals for protection?

So, there are plenty of protection crystals that can help you overcome any adverse action taken on your wellbeing. And, of course, you might wonder how to use those precious and potent stones to your advantage. Well, here’s how you can access the beneficial and protective effects of any crystal for protection:

Wearing palm crystals for protection

The first thing you can do to create a protective field around you is to wear stones in your pocket or your bag. Having such powerful allies nearby can help your energy field withstand any negativity towards you.

Wearing crystal jewelry for protection

The thing you can do is identify the best protection crystal for your situation and wear it as a bracelet. Positioning this type of jewelry on your left hand can do wonders for both your emotional and mental wellbeing. Besides, having a potent crystal close to your heart can activate additional protective fields from this chakra. 

Placing crystals for protection in your home and workplace

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Black tourmaline tree statue found on Amazon. More details here

You can use a bowl to fill it with your favorite protection stones and position it in your home and workplace. Or opt-in for appropriately shaped stones, like this tree made of powerful Black Tourmaline. In this way, you will be surrounded by protective energies that will make you less exposed to the negative thoughts of those around you. 

Jewelry to protect from negative energy

Jewelry can be your ally in protecting and clearing your energy field. And the best part about it is that you can use any powerful protection stones, such as Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline or any other crystal mentioned above. Our top picks for jewelry to protect from negative energy are:

Most potent stone to wear: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has many abilities, but overall, it can be viewed as one of the most potent stones to wear. It can protect, offer a sense of security, and it can remove any trace of negativity from your aura. Overall, it can protect both you and your home, meaning it will prevent you from bringing home negative energies. So, you can use it in the form of earrings or bracelets to access its most potent protective abilities. 

Protection crystal necklaces

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You might guess, wearing a necklace with a protection crystal is one of the best approaches towards warding off evil and negative energies. My recommendation is this cute but mighty Obsidian fox.

It is an amulet in the form of a fox, designed from authentic black obsidian, that will remove all the negativity around you. Also, my other top pick is this Amethyst healing necklace. It is a healing pendant in the form of an amulet embraced by flowers.

This means that it can be your ally in preventing intoxication, healing your aura, and cleansing it from negative vibes. But at the same time, due to the featured flowers in its design, it can offer you a sense of connection with nature. 

Bonus: Crystals used for curses

Curses can be so powerful that it can make you physically ill. But rest assured, there are plenty of crystals that can prevent those from affecting you. Some of the most potent gems used it these cases include:


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This is the stone of positivity, and it can absorb toxic vibes. This means that using amber for protection will absorb the negative attack from a curse, and transform it into positive energy.


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This gem acts as a ray of sunshine, being an ally for fighting the darkness. It can cleanse your home from negativity and curses, which is why it is highly recommended to put it next to your front door.


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The stone can absorb the toxicity of a curse from your body, mind, and environment. Also, this stone encourages happy and positive thoughts so that you regain your ability to withstand any negative energy. 

 Clear Quartz

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This one is recommended for curses that are directed towards your mental wellbeing. Its clear form has purifying effects for your mind, meaning that it will remove fear and any other side effect of a curse.  

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