4 Persuasive Reasons to Believe in Psychic Predictions

Throughout history, many people believed in psychics and their predictions. And the trend is still in place. 

Yes, scientific papers in the field, even when conducted by such influential institutions like CIA, Princeton, and Duke University, are still generally frowned upon. But again and again, statistical polls show that a considerable share of Americans believes in psychics (e.g., 41% according to this report by PEW from late 2017). 

 And whether you are one of those 41% believers or 59% of skeptics, you might find the following text surprising or, in some cases, reassuring. 

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Why do people believe in psychics? 

Studies from the early 2000s by Daryl Bem from Cornell University meant to prove that any person posses so-called extrasensory perception at some capacity. And they suggest that some people might actually do.

So even the most skeptical of us can get a reason to believe in psychics. At the same time, many people are believers simply because they sense an individual is genuine in his intentions.

Do psychic powers exist?

So, a psychic is the one that says he has extrasensory perception. This means that he claims he can spot data usually not revealed to standard senses.

But there is a constant debate in whether or not psychic abilities are real. Some do believe they are genuine, while others suggest it is just an attempt to fool people.

Still, numerous studies provide reliable data that support the existence of psychic powers. And throughout history, there were many cases of wildly public predictions – from Nostradamus to Jeane Dixon. (You can look for more examples in my article about the most accurate psychic predictions).

The consensus is that ESP might be present in some individuals, and psychic abilities are real. And some might adventure to connect this idea to that of the power of the chakra field.

This means that with a bit of training and attention to detail, one can activate his ability to see beyond the surface.  

Main reasons to believe in psychic predictions 

With so many controversies revolving around the subject of whether or not to believe in psychic prediction, you might find it a little bit challenging to settle upon an opinion. And you should know that for many centuries now people debated about psychic predictions.

Still, with so much recent data gathered, there are indeed some gifted individuals with real abilities. And if you’re still pondering about this, here are my top reasons why you might believe in psychic predictions. 

Psychic abilities are real

Well, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, some researchers suggest many individuals have actual psychic abilities. Some of the basic skills include precognition and telepathy. Still, keep in mind that these vary depending on the psychic we’re talking about. Some people can be a great medium, while others can become insightful clairvoyants. 

There are as many established psychics as roofing contractors

The psychic “industry” is booming. According to IBISWorld Research, overall industry revenue was estimated to total $2.2 billion in 2019 and counted around 100 000 businesses in the US alone.

To put things in perspective, it’s pretty much as many as the number of roofing contractors in the country (slightly more than 103,000 in 2020). So if there are so many psychic professionals, it means there is a demand for those services.

Talking to a psychic can be a soothing experience

As per my personal experience and conversations with “believers,” I see the whole “psychic” industry claiming its spot somewhere between psychotherapy and religion.

The church is not quite appealing for many rational thinkers and agnostics. Psychotherapy seems to be way more expensive and requires more sessions to achieve an effect. 

Especially in certain situations, e.g., dealing with grief because of the loss of a friend or relative. It’s way easier to get a soothing reassurance that the relative is in the safe place and sends greetings, rather than talk it through within 5 – 10 sessions with a therapist.

The truth be told, no amount of therapy sessions will get the ones who are gone back. The sole purpose is making a person going through a struggle to feel better. So if a chat with medium helps, why not?

Psychics will make you feel better about your future

Many individuals believe that seeing a psychic will get them an accurate depiction of their future. But the reality is slightly different. A psychic can sense and offer some insightful details on how your future might develop.

Yet you should know that the future is not set in stone. This means that based on your actions and opportunities, the psychic prediction you get might change in time.

Hence, a good reason why you should believe in psychic predictions is that you will access valuable guidance on how to improve your future outcomes. 

After all, there’s so much uncertainty in the world nowadays. Millions are dying of famine, businesses go bust, taxes are growing, countries are on the brink of war, artificial intelligence is getting smarter, etc.

The simple confirmation that everything is going to be OK from someone supposedly possessing the talent of foreseeing the future – that’s a real gift for many of us. 

How do online psychic predictions work? 

I believe that the best way to access an accurate reading from a psychic is to opt for an online prediction. Chat readings are more efficient because the psychic won’t get influenced by your body language or facial expressions.

As such, the chances of them getting an accurate reading are higher when compared to requesting a face-to-face encounter. 

It is highly recommended to keep your chat discussion as neutral as possible. Offering only facts about your life, without your personal opinion or feelings can significantly increase the chances of getting a reading close to reality.

 It would be best if you offered direct and concise answers to any questions your online psychic asks. And, of course, you should keep up an open mind. 

There are several advantages of getting an online psychic prediction, including:

  •  Receiving a more accurate forecast, unaltered by your emotional state;
  • Having easy access to a particular psychic, no matter which location you are at.
  • Often you can get free predictions too. You can check my trusted psychic for a short 3 min free prediction to judge for yourself here. Just look for Hollie. In my case, she is always spot on! But if you won’t find her visions accurate, at least you won’t spend a dime on getting a trial prediction.

Should I believe a psychic?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your belief system. If you are somewhat grounded, or bound to facts and reality, you might find it hard to believe a psychic can make an accurate prediction for you.

The good thing, even if you still skeptical about all this, some experiences can completely change your point of you. You can read my story of how and why I started to believe in psychics several years ago to see what I mean. 

Still, it would help if you kept in mind that a psychic cannot tell you the exact details of your future. Instead, he or she will offer valuable guidelines so that you can smoothly craft your journey.  

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