May Birthstone: Meaning, Benefits, and Powers of Emerald

The birthstone for May is the beautiful green Emerald. A form of the mineral Beryl Emeralds reminds one of the springtimes and the lush greenness that spring brings to the world after a cold hard winter.

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The Emerald is one of the most sought after of all precious gemstones. For centuries it has been coveted by the rich and powerful around the world.  It is believed to be the sacred stone of the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Venus. So it is only befitting that her sacred stone is one of the most beautiful of all gemstones.

The Emerald is thought to be a stone of Prophecy and to have the power to calm the disturbed mind, bring wisdom and reasoning to its bearers, and enhance both memory and knowledge.

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May birthstone meaning

The Emerald is the talismanic stone for the sign of Taurus, and it is also the best birthstone of all Gemini’s born in May. It is believed that the Emerald can endow one with the eloquence of speech and enhance intelligence while also bringing emotional well being to the gemstone holder.

Emeralds also believed to preserve love and protect lovers from unfaithfulness.

This gem is a symbol of renewed hope and faith. And in certain societies, it was believed to bring fertilizing rain to the crops.

May birthstone according to date of birth

A person can have several birthstones not only based on one’s Zodiac sign but even the exact date of birth.

It is believed that when your birthstone is directly related to the date of your birth, it resonates with your personal vibrations. And therefore enhances your overall well being.

You can find more about your personal lucky crystals in our  Birthstones by date guide. Or scroll down the chart to find the gem associated with the date of your birth in May.

Date Gem by dayGem by month
May 1 birthstoneRubyEmerald
May 2 birthstone
May 3 birthstoneYellow SapphireEmerald
May 4 birthstoneLapis LazuliEmerald
May 5 birthstone
May 6 birthstone
Blue DiamondEmerald
May 7 birthstone
Tiger's EyeEmerald
May 8 birthstoneBlue SapphireEmerald
May 9 birthstone
Red CoralEmerald
May 10 birthstone
May 11 birthstone
May 12 birthstone
Yellow SapphireEmerald
May 13 birthstoneLapis LazuliEmerald
May 14 birthstoneEmeraldEmerald
May 15 birthstoneBlue DiamondEmerald
May 16 birthstone
Tiger's EyeEmerald
May 17 birthstoneBlue SapphireEmerald
May 18 birthstoneRed CoralEmerald
May 19 birthstoneRubyEmerald
May 20 birthstonePearlEmerald
May 21 birthstoneYellow SapphireEmerald
May 22 birthstoneLapis LazuliEmerald
May 23 birthstoneEmeraldEmerald
May 24 birthstoneBlue DiamondEmerald
May 25 birthstoneTiger's EyeEmerald
May 26 birthstoneBlue SapphireEmerald
May 27 birthstoneRed CoralEmerald
May 28 birthstoneRubyEmerald
May 29 birthstonePearlEmerald
May 30 birthstoneYellow SapphireEmerald
May 31 birthstoneLapis LazuliEmerald

May birthstone ring

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Known as the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald is believed to promote love, unity, and friendship. It is said to enhance loyalty between lovers and family members. 

It also is a great way to take advantage of all of the gifts that the Emeralds has in store for you.

This beautiful Victorian style Emerald and the sterling silver ring comes in sizes 4 to 12.

It features 5 beautiful oval-shaped genuine natural gemstones that have been expertly cut and polished set inside an elegant .925 sterling silver band. It also comes in a beautiful presentation box ready for giving or wearing.

May birthstone necklace

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A great piece of jewelry for anyone born in May. Since the diamond is a symbol of commitment and inspiring the forces of manifestation of abundance. While the Emerald will help it’s owner become more focused on their goals while at the same time enhancing their ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

This necklace features a lovely pear-shaped Emerald (that measures 7mm long and 5mm wide). It’s set in the middle of a rather elegant looking sterling silver figure 8 with genuine diamond accents running up one side of the pendant. 

It’s an absolutely beautiful dainty necklace most women would be thrilled to wear.

However, do keep in mind that since all of the stones in this necklace are real and the price is very reasonable, you should expect some imperfections in the stones.

May birthstone earrings

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It is believed that the Emerald will pass its soothing energy onto the wearer providing healing to all levels of your being and bringing added vitality to the life of any May-born. The Emerald is a gem of inspiration and patience, and it embodies compassion, unity, and unconditional love.

These pretty little stud earrings feature real Emeralds set into 14K yellow, white, or rose gold. The Emeralds are 100% genuine 4mm Emeralds with a weight of .30cttw.

These earrings come in a beautiful gift box ready to give as a gift to someone you love or even to yourself. These Emerald earrings are small and dainty and perfect for both every day wears as well as for dressier occasions.

As there is nothing like having a pair of Emerald studs or dangling Emerald earrings hanging from your ears to make a woman feel special and beautiful.

May birthstone bracelet

Wearing a bracelet with the beautiful May birthstone will add a bit of glitz and glamour to your life and should be prized by both those Taurus’s and Gemini’s born in May.

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The Emerald is believed to have the capacity to bring love, romance, and joy into your life and is also said that this stone can provide you with emotional healing. 

This delicate Emerald and white topaz tennis bracelet is both lovely and sparkling. Made from solid 925 sterling silver and measuring 7.25 inches long and 4mm wide.

The gorgeous piece features alternating Emeralds and white topaz along the entire length of the bracelet for a total weight of 3.000 carats.

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