Root Chakra Stones. Can You Activate Muladhara with Black Tourmaline?

The Root Chakra, or Muladhara Chakra, represents the first chakra in the body, its energy is derived from earth elements. Usually, this is the chakra responsible for feelings of safety and grounding.

The Root Chakra represents the foundation of the chakra system, being accountable for evolution in your life.

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What is Muladhara chakra? 

The Muladhara Chakra is vital for our bodies, as it represents the major energy center. It is positioned at the base of our spine, and it is linked with the color red.

Still, when the Root Chakra experiences imbalances because of psychological problems, like chronic fear, trauma, or repression, we go through an interruption in the flow of life.

Such blockage impedes the proper functioning of other chakras, leading to personal, existential, and relationship problems.

Where is the Root Chakra located?

So, the Root Chakra is found in the region of the perineum. It’s the small area between the genitals and the anus. Still, this energy center is different for males and females.

In the male body, the Root Chakra is positioned a little bit above the perineum, while the female body is located on the posterior side of the cervix.

What is the root chakra responsible for?

Root Chakra is accountable for security, and several other basic needs. Overall, it is all about whatever grounds an individual to stability in life. It manages basic needs like food, water, shelter, safety, along with the emotional needs of human interaction, or being fearless.

Blocked root chakra: why it’s bad? 

Well, having a blocked Root Chakra can negatively impact your life. It can lead to both physical and emotional problems, such as:

Physical issues with legs, blood flow, lower back, joints, sexual dysfunction, low energy levels, sciatica, or even immune disorders.

Emotional and mental issues. Like feelings of insecurity, fear, loneliness, lack of support, greed, anger, trust issues, hypochondria, lack of confidence, or even panic attacks.

The Root Chakra is the one that experiences blockages more often when compared with other chakras. It is so sensitive that it can be influenced by anything that might challenge your sense of security. 

How to open Root Chakra?

Several ways can help you in opening the Root Chakra, all of which are designed to deal with all the negative feelings triggered by a blockage. 

Burn Muladhara incense or essential oils

One of the most compelling means to open the Root Chakra is with the aid of aromatherapy. Essential oils have the power to awaken feelings of safety and security. Thus, to deal with a blocked Root Chakra, you should use earthy essential oils, candles, or incense, such as sandalwood or cedarwood.

Practice Yoga poses

Some specific yoga poses can balance the Root Chakra. Such asanas aid in diminishing tension in the body. Still, at the same time, they open the Root Chakra for more positive feelings. Use poses such as squat, warrior, or child’s pose.

Spend time in nature

After all, the Root Chakra is all about that grounding with the earth. This is why spending time in a forest or a park can balance it. Mindful walking can deepen the connection between your body and the earth. Besides, it is best to walk barefoot to recharge your energy and connection.

Use crystals

One of the most reliable methods to deal with a blocked chakra is with the help of healing crystals. These stones can activate the Root Chakra and can get rid of the negative ions that create imbalances in your body.

There are many forms in which you can use crystals to heal your Root Chakra, including:

  • Meditating with gemstones, as you can activate your Root Chakra by positioning the stones on your lower abdomen;
  • Wearing jewelry designed with Root Chakra stones;
  • Use a Root Chakra crystal elixir.

Root chakra crystals


Angelite has a calm pale blue coloring, and it is often associated with the wind. Still, this crystal can aid in balancing the Root Chakra as it promotes feelings of calmness and stability.

And because Angelite can strengthen our bodies, and benefit several other chakras, it is best to wear it daily.

Smoky Quartz

The Smoky Quart crystal is an essential element for the wellbeing of the Root Chakra. It acts as an anchor in the natural world, and it can attract white light energy from the Crown down to the Root Chakra. Besides, it supports the sense of strength, stability, and pride in walking the earth.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most influential gems that can be used for healing, and it can purify the Root Chakra. Wearing it every day can aid with dissolving negative energies and activating positive frequencies.

Black tourmaline 

Simple yet gorgeous Black Tourmaline mini bracelet found on Sivana

Black Tourmaline is commonly known as a shamanic stone, perfect as a grounding crystal for meditation and healing. It boosts energy quality throughout the body, while it encourages the Root Chakra to heal from within.

It is efficient in soothing panic attacks and controlling specific fears. It is best to use it while meditating. Because it enhances concertation and self-awareness. 

Red jasper 

A Red Jasper crystal can reconnect you with the earth’s grounding energies. It has a cleansing effect and will eliminate all negativity from your body. It balances your aura, being perfect for soothing nerves or feelings of anxiety. You can carry around a Red Jasper stone, to alleviate stress, and protect your Root Chakra from bad vibes. 

Root chakra opening symptoms

Several signs act as a statement for your Root Chakra opening. And the beauty of it is that you will feel this vibrational energy as soon as it happens.

Root Chakra is a direct link to the earth, which is why the main symptom of this chakra opening is a deep sense of the force of grounding.

When the Root Chakra starts opening, you will experience a sensation of heat in distinct parts of your body, especially at the base of your spine.

For some individuals, another symptom of Root Chakra opening involves vivid dreams, and trouble falling asleep. This might happen because of the unconscious getting involved in the Root Chakra opening.

How working with root chakra can have a positive impact on your life? 

Continually working with your Root Chakra will allow you to feel less anxious. Balancing and opening this base chakra will allow you to regenerate your confidence and embrace positive vibes.

A healthy Root Chakra supports feelings of security, while it will make you more prone to explore and discover your life’s purpose. Besides, a balanced Root Chakra leads to better energy flow in your body, meaning all aspects of your life will be bettered. Working with the Root Chakra can have a positive impact on your life, as it will make you free of bad vibrational energy. 

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