Throat Chakra Stones: Your Full Guide to Vishuddha Balancing with Crystals

The throat chakra represents the fifth chakra, and it acts as a passageway for the energy traveling between the lower parts of the body and the head. Its principal function is to express and communicate thoughts and feelings in an efficient way. 

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What is Vishuddha chakra? 

Vishuddha is a term that can be translated as pure or purification. This means that the throat chakra acts as a medium for improving the quality of energy flowing throughout our body. Mostly, this chakra is closely linked to the element of sound.

Where is the throat chakra located?

The throat chakra, as the name implies, is positioned in the center of the neck. The throat is responsible for propagating the sound into the air, and its vibration can travel throughout the body towards other chakras. 

Throat chakra meaning

Throat chakra has several implications, being a multidimensional tool essential for the proper functioning of the chakra system in our body.

Besides being responsible for communication, this chakra is linked with several behavioral and psychological characteristics. It is the representation of our ability to speak and spread the truth.

Mostly, the throat chakra stands for both internal and external communication, being responsible for our ability to listen to our inner needs. 

Throat chakra blockage: why it’s bad? 

A throat chakra blockage can alter your ability to transmit your thoughts and feelings due to an acute sense of fear of ridicule and judgment. As such, it is terrible for our day to day lives, as it can impede us from accessing feelings of confidence, honesty, and mindfulness.

Opening throat chakra

You can open your throat chakra with simple adjustments to your lifestyle and routine. Thus, to achieve this, you should:

Drink plenty of water

Cleansing your body with water will cleanse the throat and permit a healthier energy flow.

Eat healthier foods

The throat chakra is easily influenced by the foods we eat. As such, you should add to your diet more fruits, such as apples, peaches, or lemons.

Use aromatherapy

The air you breathe inside your house influences this chakra. So it is a great idea to cleanse the negative vibes with some essential oils or incense. The most potent essential oils for the throat chakra are jasmine, rosemary, sandalwood, calendula, and ylang-ylang


Well, as mentioned above, this chakra is all about the sounds in our lives. So, if you aim to open your throat chakra, you should self-express through singing. It doesn’t matter if you are a singer or not. Quietly humming a song can activate this chakra.

Use blue throat chakra stones

The throat chakra is influenced by colorful blue gems. They have a calming effect, providing a renewed sense of wisdom, and supporting the opening of the throat chakra. Also, meditating on while wearing such stones will lead to proper energy flow through this chakra. 

Throat chakra opening symptoms

One of the main symptoms of throat chakra opening is the ease of communicating with others. Besides, the deep sense of accomplishment that comes from transmitting information more naturally stands out as a clear sign of this chakra opening. 

Another throat chakra opening symptoms is a new sense of confidence. And because this chakra is all about the sound, we can observe this symptom when it comes to public speaking. Better voice control is closely linked to the throat chakra. 

Also, when the throat chakra opens, we tend to experience fewer pains, especially in the neck and throat area. Also, migraines or cluster headaches diminish in intensity as part of the process of throat chakra opening. 

Overactive throat chakra: why it’s bad?

An overactive throat chakra can make your life feel quite miserable. This fifth chakra is responsible for self-expression and communication skills. Still, at the same time, it has a direct impact on our emotions.

Thus, an overactive throat chakra can alter your ability to manage relationships and deal with day to day tasks. Also, when this happens, you might experience physical signs such as ear, or neck pain, while in more advanced situations, you might even develop laryngitis. 

How to balance the throat chakra?

When the throat chakra is balanced, it supports clear and concise communication. There is no problem in being honest and sharing your deepest feelings. And to balance the throat chakra you should:

  • Vocalize, sing or hum;
  • Commit to telling the truth;
  • Encourage yourself to share your opinions;
  • Stop being harsh with yourself;
  • Allow your throat to rest;
  • Commit to deep breathing exercises.

Best stones for the throat chakra

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone with a deep, celestial-like blue, a symbol for royalty, honor, power, and vision. It is especially helpful for the wellbeing of the throat chakra, as it promotes feelings of honesty of the spirit.

Besides, it brings a lot of calmness in the wearer’s life, along with a deep sense of living communication. 


The color turquoise has a direct impact on the throat chakra, as it is linked with feelings of the feminine, calming, wisdom, serenity, and emotional balance.

It has the power to cleanse the throat chakra, and restore its stability, which is why it is best to wear it close to your neck. Its positive vibrational energies align all the chakras in the body while promoting proper energy flow through the throat chakra. 


Commonly, Angelite stones are associated with a deep sense of awareness. For the throat chakra, this gem that leads to heightened d perception and abilities to communicate freely. Besides, this stone acts as an amulet and protects the throat against physical illnesses, and spiritual blockages. 

How working with throat chakra can have a positive impact on your life? 

Always working with the throat chakra will offer you all sorts of positive outcomes. It is a powerful chakra throughout the body, and it can make the difference between a dreadful state of mind, and an empowering one.

Overall, a balanced and healthy throat chakra will aid you in expressing yourself with ease while committing to feelings of truthfulness, self-love, and confidence. You can boost the positive effects of the throat chakra with the aid of blue stones, as those resonate closely with this particular chakra. 

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