Alexandrite Birthstone: Most Expensive Means Most Powerful?

About 150 years ago, there was a rare gemstone discovered in the rural mountains of Russia. The stone was at first believed to be an emerald, but when viewed at night, the crystal suddenly seems to change color.

But there’s so much more in this extremely rare and very expensive gem.

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What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a variety of gem known as chrysoberyl, which is known for its cat’s eye effect when cabbed. Although not considered one of the most popular gemstones, Alexandrite is so rare that it often costs more than diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

Interesting facts about Alexandrite

The stone became known as Alexandrite after Tzar Alexander II of Russia. Today, Alexandrite is found in Brazil, India, and the state of New Mexico, as well as Russia.

Stones mined in Myanmar are thought to be the highest quality of Alexandrite stones. However, the gems from this mine are rarely over a Karat in size.

What color is Alexandrite gemstone?

Alexandrite is a color-changing gemstone that changes color from a greenish-blue to reddish-purple. The worth of the stone is determined by how dramatic the change in the color of the stones is. The green color is seen clearly in daylight, with the reddish-purple color being apparent at night or in artificial light.

This stone is often called “an emerald by day and ruby by night.”

Alexandrite birthstone month and sign

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June, which also makes it the birthstone for the astrological signs of Cancer and Gemini. It is also recommended that people born on September 9th wear this gemstone.

Because Alexandrite is the astrological sign for both Cancer and Gemini, this stone also offers an influence over May and July as they apply to both Gemini and Cancer.

Alexandrite birthstone meaning

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The Alexandrite birthstone is considered to be a stone of good luck and good fortune. It is said to increase intuition and creativity, stimulating the imagination. This gemstone symbolizes the wind and is thought to help the wearer achieve confidence and self-esteem.

Alexandrite healing properties

Alexandrite is believed to have several different healing properties. It is believed that this stone will help unlock the crown chakra. This beautiful stone is thought to help heal you faster after surgery and helps to treat people suffering from the disease.

Alexandrite is said to treat infections of both the pancreas and the spleen.

Alexandrite also is believed to help wearers of this stone be more resilient and find a source of inner joy within yourself. It also is said to help you embrace life experiences.

Gemini and its birthstone Alexandrite

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Since Gemini falls partly in June, Alexandrite is the astrological birthstone for Gemini. This stone is believed to help Gemini balance the spiritual and physical world as well as balance the mind and emotions.

It is believed that this gemstone helps to strengthen Gemini’s intuition and helps them find and tap the source of their inner joy. It is also thought to help Gemini achieve prosperity and longevity.

This birthstone is believed to help Gemini’s with various health problems, including assisting them in healing from various diseases and surgery.

Cancer and its birthstone Alexandrite

Alexandrite, as a birthstone for Cancer, is believed to carry good luck and love to anyone who owns this stone. It is also thought to soothe the soul of the Cancer and promote their spiritual growth.

The Alexandrite is believed to bring cancer prosperity and longevity and help them to embrace life experiences.

This gem is thought to treat infections of the spleen and pancreas, as well as assisting them in increasing their intuition. It also is supposed to help Cancer bring out their creativity and allow them to release their imagination. 

Alexandrite birthstone jewelry

Alexandrite birthstone rings

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You can rarely find genuine Alexandrite these days. And if you do, it’s almost always cost a little fortune. But I’ve crawled all over the internet to find several relatively “not-as-outrageously-priced” options. Like this ring. It features five quite large round-shaped Alexandrites – 1.59 carats total weight, cuddled in a pile of tiny diamonds (60 pieces, total weight is 0.30 carats). The gems are so beautiful and very special. It’s a real piece of art.

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And there’s less intimidating Alexandrite ring option. 

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This one features three oval-shaped gems (0.45 ct total weight). It sits between two 0.9mm diamonds and made of 14k white gold. It is also a real stunner, gem’s colors are vibrant and deep.

It’s very feminine and dainty and comes at a much lower price than the previous option. But the stone is also genuine, the craftsmanship and design are very unique and exquisite. 

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Alexandrite birthstone earrings

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Another example of terrific craftsmanship featuring numerous genuine alexandrites (total weight 0.45 carats) along with diamonds (0.24 carats).

Gorgeous and sparkly earrings that WILL get you noticed. And bring along a lot of great things into your life, especially if you are born under Cancer of Gemini zodiac signs.

It is believed to enhance intuition and boost creativity. And also thought to help to achieve self-confidence. Well, with such pretty earrings, confidence definitely won’t keep you waiting. 

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