Best Grounding Crystals FAQ: For Anxiety, Protection, & More

Do you feel that today’s world is getting too fast, and we seem to be adding more and more to our plates without any chance to accomplish our goals? 

I feel that fairly often. It results in panic, anxiety, crankiness, and the inability to focus. 

But luckily, I still find 5-10 minutes per day for my mindfulness meditation to fight all of that. And amplifying the process with the right grounding crystals has actually been a great help. 

Being grounded is about being balanced, centered, feel connected to the Earth’s force. It helps us to be peaceful and collected, regardless of what’s going on in the world around us. So if you have a need to feel that way, you might find the list in this post very helpful. 

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Grounding crystals for anxiety


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Tumbled Jet stone from Amazon. Check the current price here.

Jet isn’t really a crystal. It’s a mineral composed of fossilized wood. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful healing crystal for anxiety. As it channels calming energies that’ll dispel fearful and anxious thoughts. It is also known to protect you from any negativity too.


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Carnelian pendant from Amazon. Check the current price here.

Carnelian is a brownish-red variety chalcedony. And it’s an excellent grounding stone that has a stabilizing impact.

It influences the root chakra, helps to defeat fears, and boosts your motivation. Wearing or carrying this stone believed to help you build confidence and keep you motivated and not get stuck so you don’t get overwhelmed or anxious.

Best grounding and protecting crystals

Black Tourmaline

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Charged black tourmaline kit from Amazon. Check the current price here.

Black tourmaline is known to be one of the most potent crystals both for grounding and protection.

When you’re feeling plagued by worry and fear, it believed to help dissipate ‘heavy’ energy and transform it into a light balancing vibration and powerful psychic protection.


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Set of protective Shungine pyramids. Check the current price here.

Shungite is made of carbon. It makes a superb grounding stone. It is also known to shield and protect from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by smartphones, laptops, and digital devices.

So it’s perfect for carrying on you at all times and/or place on your work desk to clean it up from a cloud of stressful energy and vibrations. 

It’s particularly powerful in the shape of a pyramid. This geometric shape represents the foundation, focus, and stability.

Spiritual grounding crystals

Smokey quartz  

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Smokey quartz crystal wand. Check the current price here.

Smokey quartz has high vibrational energy that works well with Root and Crown chakras.  

So generally, it’s more of a spiritually grounding crystal as it stimulates higher awareness. It’s also known to be a perfect help for staying present when meditating.

Best grounding crystals of all

Black Obsidian 

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Black Obsidian hamsa hand necklace. Check the current price here.

Black Obsidian is created when the lava cools down. This unique gem combines the elements of fire, earth, and water.

So it’ a genuinely remarkable crystal for grounding. It takes care of the excess energy and negativity. It brings a sense of calmness and serenity if you’re feeling over-reactive.


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Adjustable magnetic hematite bracelet from Amazon. Check the current price here.

Hematite is one of the most powerful grounding stones. Its energy attaches you deep into the earth’s vibrations. With this crystal, you’ll remain firmly rooted and able to focus on the current moment.

It’s comprised of iron, so it also builds distance between you and emotionally exhausting people. Thus it brings you strength and patience to respond more appropriately and calm to unpleasant situations.

Grounding crystals jewelry

Grounding crystal necklace

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This necklace is made of the most powerful grounding stone – raw Hematite. Apart from the Hematite pendant, you’ll get an adjustable leather cord and even an e-book guide about your purchase sent via email after you get the necklace.

The powerful earthly energy of the iron found in Hematite will provide you with grounding and balancing forces.

When you’re grounded, you’re more likely to feel relaxed, balanced, free, and that’s a nice vibe to radiate.

This stone is also believed to help in stimulating the mind and even enhancing memory. It sounds like a must-have to me. 

Grounding bracelet 

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This bracelet is made from another super-potent grounding crystal – Black Obsidian. This stone is said to shield you from any bad energies and also help to keep your thoughts positive.

The bracelet features Pixiu, the mystical creature that believed to give you protection, wealth, and peace. If you want to learn more about how it possibly can work, I have a huge guide on Pixiu meaning. 

Grounding crystal ring 

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These are LOVELY and powerful hematite rings. This stone is known as an excellent tool for grounding before starting a healing crystal meditation routine.

It also helps you to find your inner strength, necessary for fighting worrying thoughts and negative emotions.

The rings come in packages of 5, 10, and even 20 pieces of different width. So you can stock up in meaningful and very affordable gifts or just keep it all for yourself to get the maximum boost of that grounding energy. 

Grounding crystals FAQ

 What is the difference between grounding and centering in crystal healing?

Grounding is a way of self-awareness. When you place your attention at your spiritual and personal center, feeling your own wholeness.

The grounding is the first step in many spiritual practices. Thus you can energetically connect yourself to the core of the Earth. And further spiritual steps are possible to learn and master from there. 

To center yourself means to bring your attention and energies into yourself and balance them within yourself – not with anything outside of your own shell. 

What do grounding stones do?  

Grounding crystals have a unique vibration that resonates with the Earth. They pull our sense of awareness down and ensure we remain balanced.

Grounding stones can clear blockages and allow positive electrons to flow from the Earth into the Root Chakra. As a result, you’ll feel centered, less reactive, and able to make better decisions. 

How to use crystals for grounding? 

Here’s a quick meditation you might practice for 5-10 minutes to feel grounded. Find a quiet place. Settle down and close your eye.

Shift your attention, your focus inside of self. Hold the grounding stone you’ve picked and take a deep breath. Feel the stone in your palms and feel your feet on the ground too.

 Mentally recognize and name the sounds you hear and sensations you feel until you feel your nervous system settle and feel that wholeness with the ground, with the core of the Earth. But there’s even a better technique. Read on. 

How to meditate with grounding crystals?

Here’s one of the techniques I find efficient and easy to follow:

  1. First, you have to choose the grounding crystal from the list above. 
  2. Then sit down in a way that comfortable for you, but both feet must touch the ground.
  3. Hold your chosen grounding crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.
  4. Imagine that you are a sturdy tree, and your feet are the roots. Visualize sending these roots deep down into the Earth, going through layers of rocks, sand, minerals, precious stones, and anything else you might imaging is hidden underground. 
  5. Imagine your “roots” are reaching the center of the Earth. Feel that connection with the core of the planet.
  6. Take a moment to become aware of the rest of your body, while still feeling rooted to the Earth. Open your eyes and take a few moments before getting up again.

How to choose the grounding crystal that is right for you?

Knowing which crystals are good for grounding is not enough. You still have to trust your intuition on top of it. Everyone will vibe with different gems. They will feel different to everyone.

And you’ll feel the connection with the right crystal, whether you are shopping online or offline.

There will be a hunch, a sparkle of “This is it” thought.

Choose the one that speaks to you.  

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