Full Guide to July Birthstones: Properties and History

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What is the birthstone for July?

Although July may have many birthstones, the most widely accepted power-crystal for this month is also one of the most precious, the Ruby.

This stone is a variety of the mineral corundum with the most expensive and brightest red gem being called pigeon blood. Royals from different cultures once considered it more valuable than diamonds. 

Claw Ruby ring from AtPerry’s

The Ruby has traditionally been the birthstone of July in the old Polish, Russian, Tibetan, and Ayurvedic or ancient Indian calendar.

No other birthstone could express the personality traits of those born in July or under the sign of Leo as accurate as the brightly colored Ruby.

It is also the planetary birthstone of those Cancers born in July.

This rare and precious stone is representative of Leo’s personality, which is tough, vibrant, and vividly bright. These stones are a real attention-getter when compared to many others. 

This birthstone brings to the owner the frequency of the enlightened base Chakra, improving the flow of Chi the life-force energy throughout the wearer’s body.

The Ruby enhances the ability to satisfy one’s needs and aiding in the manifestation of one’s wishes.

This Leo birthstone is believed to boost both spirit and mental power while encouraging leadership and enhancing concentration and intellectual sharpness.

July birthstone meaning

Ruby ring and necklace set from AtPerry’s. Check the reviews here.

Ruby  is believed to inspire your passion for life. It is also said that this gemstone will give you psychic security and spiritual grounding.  

Ruby drives people to have big goals and positive ideals.

And is believed to affect your dreams, boosting positive emotions. The stone is also said to have a positive effect when it comes to gaining wealth and increasing passion.

The Ruby is believed to bring about peace. It is able to turn one’s thoughts towards reconciliation during an argument. With Ruby on your, you are more apt to seek peace than war and are more willing to negotiate a truce in any situation.

If July born Leo or Cancer is in love, Ruby can make him or her more passionate and opens them to show emotions.

July birthstones according to date of birth 

When you own the birthstone that is related to the date of your birth, it is believed that the stone resonates with your personal vibrations. And, as a result, will enhance your well-being.

Every person has many birthstones. Those are not only based on your month of birth but also on the exact date.

These crystals have a close planetary association with you. So they are believed to protect you from any cosmic wars that are occurring that may affect you.

To look for the gem for your date of birth, just scroll down and find the related crystal.  

Date Gem by dayGem by month
July 1 birthstoneRubyRuby
July 2 birthstone
July 3 birthstoneYellow SapphireRuby
July 4 birthstoneLapis LazuliRuby
July 5 birthstone
July 6 birthstone
Blue DiamondRuby
July 7 birthstone
Tiger's EyeRuby
July 8 birthstoneBlue SapphireRuby
July 9 birthstone
Red CoralRuby
July 10 birthstone
July 11 birthstone
July 12 birthstone
Yellow SapphireRuby
July 13 birthstoneLapis LazuliRuby
July 14 birthstoneEmeraldRuby
July 15 birthstoneBlue DiamondRuby
July 16 birthstone
Tiger's EyeRuby
July 17 birthstoneBlue SapphireRuby
July 18 birthstoneRed CoralRuby
July 19 birthstoneRubyRuby
July 20 birthstonePearlRuby
July 21 birthstoneYellow SapphireRuby
July 22 birthstoneLapis LazuliRuby
July 23 birthstoneEmeraldRuby
July 24 birthstoneBlue DiamondRuby
July 25 birthstoneTiger's EyeRuby
July 26 birthstoneBlue SapphireRuby
July 27 birthstoneRed CoralRuby
July 28 birthstoneRubyRuby
July 29 birthstonePearlRuby
July 30 birthstoneYellow SapphireRuby
July 31 birthstoneLapis LazuliRuby

Or learn more in our Birthstone by birth date guide. 

July birthstone jewelry

If you are looking for a way to keep your July birthstone with you, then choosing a beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry is one way to accomplish that goal.

Here are some fantastic options – lot’s of good reviews, good quality, and reasonable price were my main factors to consider, compiling this list. 

July birthstone ring

Choosing to wear your birthstone in the form of a ring will serve as a constant reminder of Ruby’s most potent qualities. And give you the assurance that your birthstone will guide you through even the toughest days.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B01BITPYIO”]

This beautiful 925 sterling silver birthstone ring is designed in the shape of the infinity symbol. It features a real Ruby and 22 cubic zirconia stones. This ring comes in sizes 5 through 9 and with a total gem weight of .66 carats. 

It comes in various shades, from light pink to dark red. But no matter what color it is, the natural Ruby represents passion, confidence, and a sense of adventure.

As a birthstone for July born Cancer and Leo, the Ruby is also known to be an excellent tool for removing any blocked energy. It is said that this stone re-energizes those who are exhausted and can bring joy and vitality to the owner’s life. 

 July birthstone necklace

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B07GT4922L”]

This stunning white gold with a 0.37 carat Ruby in the center of a lovely infinity knot with a 16-inch sterling silver chain is a necklace worth owning.

This pendant is 18mm high and 9 mm wide with a round Ruby right in the center of the open part of the knot. 

Although this necklace is quite dainty, it is good quality and comes with the DGLA certificate. 

Historically rubies are precious gemstones associated with royalty and the wealthy. Since rubies are known to stimulate the heart chakra it seems like having the Ruby set in a necklace near your heart is the appropriate place for this stone. 

It is believed that rubies might help in opening you to give and accept love even if you felt like it’s not possible. 

July birthstone earrings

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B07G7G6K69″]

These lovely round Ruby earrings are set in a basket of 925 sterling silver with butterfly push backs to hold it in place. These are 10 mm wide, and the total stone weight is 1.00 carats. 

The rubies in these earrings are a lovely shade of red and feel like excellent quality birthstones. Those believed to improve the owner’s ability to think, speak confidently, and overcome shyness, all of which can lead you to success.

 July birthstone bracelet

Choosing a Ruby bracelet that offers you the protection of your birthstone can serve you well in almost any situation you encounter.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B07K4XFQSQ”]

This 14K solid rose gold bracelet with a 0.23 Ruby is both dainty and beautiful. It features 0.23 carats of 12 real rubies and is lead and nickel free and hypoallergenic. And it comes with a luxury gift box.

It is so beautiful that you most likely won’t want to take it off. This is good because it is believed that if the bracelet is frequently worn, the Ruby will promote an upbeat attitude and keep you safe.

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