How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed & Why Bother Doing It?

Your vibration is your energetic frequency, the way you’ hum’ into the Universe. This can change at any time, day after day.  

High vibration is connected to positivity and peace. Low vibration, on the other hand, is linked to anger and depression. These low vibrations can bring physical symptoms with them too. Anything from tiredness and headaches to fatigue and tightness in the body. That’s why it’s so important to see the moment when you’re feeling down and know exactly how to raise your vibration when you’re depressed.

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What is a low vibration person?

Having a low vibration is linked to lowered energy and negative emotions.

In 1992, Bruce Tanio from Eastern State University in Cheney, Washington, built the first frequency device to measure frequency levels.

He found out that healthy human frequency was between 62-72 Hz. If a person was getting a cold or the flu, it would drop to 57-60 MHz. Patients going through Cancer were vibrating at 42 MHz, and death began at 25 MHz.  

As a result, a lower vibration person may feel discomfort and pain in their body and suffer from severe emotions and disorientation. Psychically, the energy is darker than that. Such a person needs to make a great deal of effort to achieve his or her goals. Overall, life is of a negative quality.

Anger, bitterness, guilt, pessimism— these are all the emotions you might feel as you vibrate at lower frequencies. 

Low vibration is characterized by sluggish thinking, slow learning, “mental fog,” poor memory, problems, and creative blocks.

Low vibrational is like gazing at life through dark glasses rather than pink ones. Or with the proverbial glass half empty instead of half full. The good news is that low vibrational life can change. In fact, and this may be controversial, low vibrational living is a choice. Perhaps an unconscious one, but no less a choice.

How to raise your vibration when depressed?

Depression, if you want to understand it in terms of frequency, is a point of being prone to relentless attack. When you don’t have the energy to defend yourself properly.

Being depressed indicates that you have to notice something about your life. You have to disassociate from yourself to open your eyes to a larger picture from a different perspective. And overall, this means that your unhappiness and lack of energy come from within.

As I mentioned in many cases, being depressed or not is a choice.

We’re just getting into the biochemical loop where our brain is soaking up all the self-pity hormones feeling excited every time someone notices us and gives us a word of encouragement and comfort. 

If you’re strong enough, you can turn it around, guided by your willpower. 

One of the critical things you need to do to make it work is to get rid of all the things that might make you feel worse.

From sad music, toxic people, cigarettes and alcohol to sugary and processed foods, etc. Switch to a healthier diet instead, reduce the consumption of toxins (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.). 

You can meditate, listen to relaxing music, use healing crystals, light up aroma candles and essential oil lamps, go for a walk in nature, and so on. 

Most importantly, learn to control your thoughts.

If the thoughts you think are pessimistic, overly anxious, or in any way harmful, you’re likely to find what you’re thinking of. Just as gratitude brings more of the same to your life, so does impatience, pessimism, and jealousy.

This negative energy can make you feel heavy and burdened. Be diligent about the thoughts you are focusing on. Push away negative energy and stick with the positive one – that’s the key to positive change.

What happens when you increase your vibration?

Understanding how energy works will improve the quality of your life. When you’re feeling good or happy, you’re attracting positive experiences. 

High vibration is described by quick thinking, fast learning, effortless memory recall, creative problem-solving, and strong imagination.

You are experiencing higher personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. 

Vibrating at a higher frequency means that you can put your difficulties into perspective by being present at the moment. 

You can detect when you are reacting from a short term emotion. Instead, you can respond from a mental space of permanent consciousness.

 You have little if any pain or discomfort in your body, and your emotions are easy to deal with. You are full of energy.

You fill yourself with passion by surrounding yourself with the people, places, and things you love. 

 Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest with minimal effort whatever you want. Overall, your life is taking a positive turn.

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