How to Use a Pendulum, Asking Questions About Love, Future, and More

Pendulum is a combination of the weighted object and the cord. The pendulum is meant to move freely back and forth and right to the left with any small shift in energy. How to use a pendulum is becoming a more and more requested question.

Throughout history, pendulums have been used to locate water, gold, gems, as well as other valuable objects. Doctors would use t to detect diseases and weak areas of the body.

And healers are going to balance one’s energy and life forces.

Nowadays, pendulums are gaining more popularity as a way to find a little more certainty in our uncertain world. And tap into the subconscious to answer the most challenging questions in the search for guidance.

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How do pendulums work?

There are a lot of theories trying to explain that. And we really can’t tell who the truth is. My favorite explanation is simple and elegant, though: the pendulum reacts to your subconscious mind.

When properly held, the pendulum responds to tiny nerve reactions in your fingers that are produced by your unconscious mind in response to a question you have asked. Different nervous reactions will be tracked, depending on what your subconscious mind knows.

These reactions are transferred to your fingers from your subconscious mind. And to the string holding the weight of the pendulum that causes it to move in a certain direction.

What is a pendulum used for?

Like most divinatory instruments, one can use the pendulum to connect with one’s subconscious mind or the Higher Self and to pursue enlightenment.

You can also use it to communicate with spirits and ask them for help or take a look at your own or someone else’s future. The pendulum can even be used to find out more about a mysterious health problem and a possible cure. 

Pendulums promote healing through a dowsing process that seeks out unseen energies. It connects people to higher energies spiritually and can help to identify any energy blockages.

And, of course, the pendulum can help you make a difficult decision if you’re looking for guidance. There’s something trivial you can ask. For example, the best place to have your next vacation.

It can help you find the best roommate or love interest, or determine the best time to apply for a promotion. It can help you choose a house if you’re looking to move around. And that’s just a few examples of what you might ask.

What not to ask a pendulum? 

You can learn a ton from using a pendulum to access some insights on your current situation and future prospects. However, there are several topics/types of questions you shouldn’t be asking: 

  • Questions about death (why would you want to know these things anyway?)
  • If someone loves you when you don’t know enough about them.
  • Questions about past lives. 
  • Questions about others without their consent.

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What materials are used for pendulums? 

Pendulums are made of a range of materials, including crystals, wood, and metals.

The general consensus in the healing community is that using a wooden pendulum is the preferred option for greater clarity.

That’s because crystals, gemstones, and metals tend to absorb energies that may cloud or impact information. On the other hand, crystal pendulums may be used for a wide range of purposes with greater efficiency.

So, if you clean your crystals properly, you’re going to be fine. (More on that, later in the guide).

What are the best crystals for pendulums?

Red crystals are known to be connected with passion, devotion, and courage. And those would work when you make decisions that affect your heart, like choosing a partner, deciding to go on a date, etc.

If you had concerns about a decision and you were worried about health, you would be drawn to a black crystal, e.g black obsidian. Black crystals have the power of protection

 You may well be attracted to the Amethyst, which has a strong connection with the divine. It will offer beginners the answers they are looking for.

Clear quartz is associated with transparency and openness. And it is one of the most potent crystals to be used for pendulums.  

Powerful clear quartz pendulum from my favorite crystal shop Sivana.

At the end of the day, you can use any crystal as a pendulum. You just have to feel connected with it. In reality, if you choose to use different gems, you might even have more than one pendulum.

Basic rules for using a pendulum 

How to prepare a pendulum for use?

The pendulum that is filled with energy functions better than the one that isn’t. If you charge and bless your tool, it’s more likely to give you the answers you’re looking for.

You can charge the pendulum by rubbing it with a bit of oil and water as you put your energy on it. Another way is to expose it to sunlight (for a few hours) or moonlight (overnight).

How to program a pendulum?

The purpose of programming is to establish how you will communicate (and understand) your pendulum. To do that, you have to decide what your three signals are, or you can also ask the pendulum to pick its own signals. 

So you may start by asking: “Show me no,” “Show me yes,” and “Show me maybe.” And take some notes on what the pendulum had shown you. Or you can decide and explain the pendulum of how your signals look like yourself.  

Here are some typical signals:

  •    side to side, like a head shake – is “no.”
  •    front to back, like a head nod – is “yes.”
  •    clockwise circle as maybe / I don’t know.

The next step, and it’s essential, is to clarify where the pendulum will get the answers. You want to tap into your own subconsciousness and not into some random spirit’s knowledge.

It can be as scary as the ouija board in that case. Encounter an evil spirit that would like to take charge of you has to be the last thing on your wish-list. 

So, to keep things safe and program the source of the pendulum, start the session by a little prayer.

Something like this: “I call upon the higher self to find the answer. I’m just searching for real answers that are consistent with the highest and greatest benefit for all involved. “

Whether you say that out loud or silently, it’s up to you. Do what you’re comfortable with, and, of course, feel free to customize this little pray so that it suits you.

How to hold a pendulum?

You should hold the end of the chai between the forefinger and the thumb so that the item can move freely. 

Alternatively, you can drape the cord or chain over the middle of your index finger and prevent it from slipping by gently pressing the cord with your thumb against your palm.

Which hand do you hold a pendulum?

To begin using a pendulum, you have to hold it in your dominant hand. 

Can anyone use a pendulum?

You don’t have to be psychic to use the pendulum. It’s going to lead itself. It is guided either by your thoughts or by a spirit who works through you.

The first step is to make you feel the pendulum and how it’s going to shift for you.

Everyone can learn how to dowse, and practicing can improve your results. So while dowsing is often referred to as a psychic ability, I do believe that this skill can be nurtured.

The only thing that could stand in the path is your own fears and unrelated thoughts. And let me explain what I mean.

Sometimes the pendulum might even seem to do something a little crazy, like answering a question in an inconsistent way or in a way that doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes it can be because, besides asking a question, you have a feeling. And it may be as easy as being hungry.

Let’s just say you asked a question. But maybe you’re starving, so you’re just thinking about having dinner ASAP. In that case, the success of your session will not be guaranteed.

At the very least, you need to be well-fed, hydrated, calm, relaxed, and confident that everything will work out.

 How to use a pendulum correctly and safely? 

The overall process of using pendulum includes:

  • Picking the right tool that resonates with you
  • Charge and cleans the new pendulum
  • Connect with it through meditation 
  • Program your pendulum to know how to interpret the answers and set the source of information (your higher self)
  • Then start asking your questions. And be clear with your intentions.

However, there are some more tips to follow: 

Be patient. Give your pendulum as much time as it needs to swing.

Be unemotional. Using your pendulum when you’re emotionally frustrated can yield poor results. Asking emotionally charged questions will make it hard to stay focused and logical and get clear answers.

Be objective, please. Please remember that neutrality is a friend of yours. It may be tempting to allow the conscious mind to manipulate the answers of the pendulum. But realize that if you exert any control, the result will be useless.

And remember, no matter what kind of pendulum you’re using, you can stop making the tip point to any part of your body. The tip generates undesired gray energy.

This is common for pendulums and is why, for example, it does not point to your hip. There are special healing pendulums that radiate different colors from the tip and can be used in healing.

But, these are definitely not the pendulums to be used by a beginner, because they take a lot of experience. So things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, because the pendulum is a divination device, it certainly could be used to ask ghosts and spirits about things and using it like an ouija board. If you choose to use it this way, then it’s just as “dangerous” as that technique.

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Should I cleanse my pendulum?

Crystal pendulums have their own energy frequencies and communicate with the energy frequency as well as other energy signals in their surroundings. That means that the answers you want to get and the love you want to find can not always be real.

Luckily, you can keep your pendulum from misleading you by taking good care of your pendulum. Cleaning it before you set your intentions will enable you to continue with a clean slate when you program your tool.

How do you clean a pendulum?

You can clean a pendulum by keeping it under running cold tap water or by soaking it in sea salt. You can also try setting a mental goal to free it from the energy that may be stored in it. Upon cleaning the pendulum using one of those methods, carry it with you to see how it feels.

 How to use a necklace as a pendulum?

Pendulums can not only be as a form of a chained crystal, but it can also be a chain necklace. Such pendulums are used the same way as traditional ones.

I have the whole article devoted to pendulum necklaces, and you should read more if you want to learn about it. With that being said, it’s better not to wear any pendulum as a piece of jewelry.  Check my article about pendulum necklaces to learn more about the subject.

How do you ask a pendulum a question?

Pendulum mat from Sivana

Some basic rules will help you to get the most from your pendulum session. 

First of all, your question should be possible to be answered with a positive, negative, or neutral response. (E.g. “Will I get the promotion this month?”) 

Ask several questions to receive enough information if needed. You can use accessories like this mat with predefined answers to guide your session.

What does a shaking pendulum mean?

At times, you might encounter the situation when your pendulum will shake violently. That might be a sign that you are, in fact, managed to communicate with some unsettled (and possibly not very nice) spirits. Only ask the answers from your higher self – I can’t emphasize that enough.

In case the shaking is happening, my best suggestions would be for you to call upon the archangels to shield you from evil spirits before you use the pendulum.

And then ground yourself, for instance, count back from one hundred to get yourself in the right mindset, be relaxed, present, and calm.

Can a pendulum lie to you?

There might be cases when the pendulum doesn’t work. Maybe you are tired, distracted, or not fully present or didn’t phrase your questions properly. Or perhaps you just not connected to specific pendulum enough. 

But if all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, learn to trust your pendulum. Honor the answers you receive. Don’t overrule the outcome with your desires. And remember, when things are done right, your pendulum does not lie.

Using a pendulum. Conclusion 

Whenever you are really struggling with a decision, and it’s not become clear with everyday meditations, I might want to use a pendulum for help. After all, what you are really doing, in this case, is just asking questions of your higher self. 

But please don’t become overly reliant on this tool as it shouldn’t be the sole way you make decisions. 

Use it in moderation while following all the rules and safety protocols, and it can become a handy tool to navigate the uncertainties of modern life. 

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