Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: Citrine, Yellow Jade or Tiger’s Eye?

The Solar plexus chakra is all about the expression of will, personal power, and mental abilities. The energy derived from this chakra can be accessed only when we assert ourselves in the world. 

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What is Manipura chakra? 

Manipura is another name for solar plexus chakra. It represents the third chakra in the chakra system. It is responsible for our wisdom, self-confidence, along with wellbeing. Overall, if this chakra is not balanced, we might experience feelings of extreme fatigue, weakness, or any other illnesses associated with our digestive system.

Solar plexus chakra location

Solar plexus chakra is positioned in the upper part of the stomach. The frequencies of this chakra are most often associated with the element of fire. And it is known as one of the most sensitive chakras amongst all. 

Solar plexus chakra meaning

The solar plexus chakra has as its primary color yellow. Still, it tends to reach a shade of red depending on the stage of its opening or imbalance. Yellow stands for a single ray of light, acting similar to sunshine. 

This color describes the core of your being, working as a statement for personal power. The energy of yellow is vibrant, optimistic, and full of good vibes. Moreover, it represents youth, new beginnings, birth, and re-birth, all of which are primary responsibilities for the solar plexus chakra. 

Solar plexus chakra blockage: why it’s bad? 

A blocked solar plexus chakra has the power to block the other chakra’s beneficial effects. Besides, it can cause feelings of helplessness, lack of purpose, low self-esteem, guilt, along with a wide array of physical symptoms, such as digestive problems, nausea, or difficulties remembering stuff.

Having a blocked solar plexus chakra is distressing for both our physical and mental health, as it will prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. Simply put: the main adverse effect of such blockage will be that we will concentrate on the smaller, bad things in our lives, failing to acknowledge all its goodness. 

How to unblock solar plexus chakra

To unblock the solar plexus chakra, you will have to focus on healing all the seven chakras. This is the only way in which you can reestablish balance and harmony. You can use meditation, aromatherapy, or solar plexus chakra stones to unblock it. Still, it is best to concentrate on specific affirmations meant to increase the power of the solar plexus chakra. 

Another way is to do powerful self-affirmation. Just stand in front of the mirror and repeat one of the following statements:

  • I am inner peace and confidence;
  • I don’t need to control everything;
  • I have the motivation to achieve my goals and plans;
  • I don’t cling to negative experiences;
  • I am worthy, kind and capable;
  • I forgive myself.

Solar plexus chakra opening symptoms

Solar plexus chakra opening comes with a wide array of symptoms that can be easily overlooked. Still, if you take a moment to relax, you will notice several changes are undergoing inside your body, including:

Digestive issues – when the solar plexus chakra starts to open, it can lead to imbalances in the gastrointestinal tract;

Loss of appetite;

Palpitations. When this chakra opens, negative feelings are drawn out of the body, which can cause vibrations throughout the body;

Insomnia. Having a hard time falling asleep is a significant sign that tells you your Manipura chakra is opening. This happens because of the constant interior vibrational energy activity;

Calmness. As soon as the solar plexus chakra opens, you will feel more confident, and in charge of your feelings;

Fluctuations of energy levels throughout the day

How to balance solar plexus chakra?

You can balance your solar plexus chakra with the help of music, aromatherapy, crystals. And specific yoga poses. Also, you can use all these tools to balance your chakra, or simply pick one or two depending on your needs. 

Music is an efficient way of balancing this chakra, as sound has the power to create inner harmony. Mostly, the solar plexus chakra is sensitive to the `oh` sound, or any other more in-depth musical notes.

Use essential pine oil for aromatherapy. This oil is vital for the wellbeing of your Manipura. It restores positive emotions, releases you from past wounds while encouraging you to move forward. 

You can balance your solar plexus chakra with specific yoga poses, such as boat, firefly, mountain, or warrior pose.

And, of course, using specific solar plexus chakra crystals will pave the path towards a balanced chakra. Any tallow gemstone will activate, balance, and clear this chakra.

Solar Plexus chakra crystals


Citrine is the best crystal for solar plexus chakra. Its golden coloring has the power to clear this third chakra, and prompt it to function at its full capacity.

Golden labradorite

Golden labradorite is the crystal that can activate the solar plexus chakra. It can boost confidence, assertiveness, and vitality, which is why it is recommended to be worn around your neck.

Tiger’s eye

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Gorgeous combo of Tiger’s Eye and Lava stone. Learn more about this bracelet here.

And if you are seeking for an efficient solar plexus healer, the tiger’s eye gemstone can do the job. It leads to a feeling of empowerment while it can balance all seven chakras.

It is best to wear this stone on a long necklace, or a bracelet, like this one, combining Tiger’s Eye and powerful Lava Stone, to allow it to sit directly on your solar plexus. You will quickly observe how it resonates with your inner energy flow.

Yellow Jade

Yellow jade is commonly associated with the solar plexus chakra, as it has the power to soothe anxiety and support feelings of calmness and self-worth. Mostly, having in your room this stone can transmit good vibrational energy, that ultimately will balance your solar plexus chakra. 

How working with solar plexus chakra can have a positive impact on your life?

Continually working and focusing on your solar plexus chakra needs will enable a new dimension for your wellbeing. Our bodies are created to communicate with all the energies around us, while each chakra has its own spiritual purpose.

A balanced and active solar plexus chakra can benefit your life, as it allows you to explore the emotional and mental connection to the physical world. The energy of this chakra offers a sense of personal power within the external world. 

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