Lava Stone: Benefits, Meaning, and Use in Aromatherapy

Lava stones are the oldest and most frequently found stones in the world. Used by endless cultures, lava stones are used in buildings, water filtration systems, healing, and wisdom these stones are readily available, but believed to powerful.

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What are lava beads?

Lava beads are made from solidified molten lava. These stones little come from the core of the earth and are expelled to the surface when a volcano erupts where they quickly cool. Although quite porous, these stones are powerful. Natural lava rocks come in two colors: gray-black and reddish-brown.

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How to tell if lava beads are real?

If the stone you’ve came across are completely uniform, these might be not natural material.

The craters on real lava rocks will be inconsistent in size.

Also lava beads are black or brown. And it’s quite common to find synthetic lava in various colors. Manmade lava will still work as a diffuser, but won’t have all those healing properties of a real lava rock.

Another thing to mention – whether it’s a man-made or real lava beads they most likely to be waxed. As they tend to be a bit scratchy. So don’t be misguided by the waxing alone.

Lava rock meaning

Lava rock is a stone of energy and of the earth. This stone is believed to possess the grounding energy of the planet. It is thought to have properties of vitalizing energy, inner peace, courage, and strength. It is also believed that this stone helps the wearer to rekindle their passions.

Lava stone bracelet benefits

The lava stone is believed to have many benefits for both your emotions and your spirit. The lava stone is known not only as a grounding stone. But also as a calming stone that is believed to be capable of dissipating anger, helping you to make positive changes, and solving problems. This stone makes an incredible essential oil diffuser. 

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Lava rock metaphysical properties

Lava rock comes from deep in the earth, and it is believed that because of where this stone comes from this stone is a grounding stone, it strengthens one’s connection to mother earth.

It is believed that this stone can protect you from negativity and help you achieve focus and balance in your daily and spiritual life.

Teaching the individual about change, intensity, and depth. And with the energy of heat from the volcano, this stone can bring you the ability to make significant changes and the passion for pursuing your goals.

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It is also thought that wearing lava (in bead form) can bring you the courage and strength to follow your dreams, deal with problems, and focus on your future goals.

It is believed that the love stone is connected to the base chakra. It will help you to enhance your creativity and your communication skills.

It is said to cleanse a person’s mind and emotions of negativity and allow them to deal with life in a more positive frame of mind. Wearing a lava stone close to your body is thought to give you the strength and courage to make changes in your life and see those changes through.

Lava stones beads provide you with guidance and dissipate anger helping you to be more understanding and promote positive changes in character.

Lava stones healing properties

Lava stones are thought to have many healing properties that those who wear the stone can benefit from. 

The lava stone is a folk remedy for enhancing fertility and helping people with weak libido. It is thought to be a stone of rebirth and capable of helping people suffering from anxiety by helping them to achieve a calmer state.

How to use essential oils on lava stone beads?

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Lava beads are perfect for aromatherapy too. You can use lava rock beads with various essential oils for energizing or relaxing.

Once you choose your therapeutic grade essential oil that you want to use, you place some diluted oil on your finger and rub it on some of the lava stone beads. You can also buy essential oils in roller bottles and roll the roller over some of the beads.

An important thing to note: if you are using a citrus essential oil, you should stay out of the sun for several hours after wearing beads with citrus oil on it. Check out the video below for more detailed guidelines.

How to clean lava rock bracelet?

Your lava stone should be cleaned monthly to remove any negativity. To clean those stones, you can place them in the sunlight or moonlight for several hours or pass them through the smoke of white sage. 

Lava stone jewelry

Lava stone necklace

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This necklace features 108 lava stone beads, just like most traditional malas. And you can even use it as a bracelet wrapping it around your wrist several times. 108 is a sacred number, a symbol of the removal of 108 kinds of trouble. The piece is quite heavy and feels high quality. All stones are uniform in size and shape, and porous as you’d expect lava rock to be. Therefore it can absorb harmful bacteria in the water. Or can be used as an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy to bring you, even more, grounding energy and peace.

Lava stone diffuser necklace

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There are plenty of studies proving aromatherapy can be beneficial in many regards from reducing body aches to help fighting stress. It can be soothing, uplifting, and even healing. And one of the most excellent perks of lava stone apart of its grounding and detoxifying energy its ability to use as an essential oil diffuser too.

So in the case with this necklace, you are not only getting a pretty piece of jewelry but also on-the-go aromatherapy. This necklace really is beautiful. It also holds the smell of the essential oil all day. The actual lava ball and sakura tree are well made. And you can shift lava beads of different colors into the locket so it will go with any outfit or a specific essential oil. 

Lava stone buddha bracelet

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This adjustable double nylon string Buddha bracelet is exceptionally well made as its sellers care a lot about the products they’re offering. The bracelet can fit wrists from 6.5″ to 8″.

It’s beautiful, simple, and sturdy. And it does not only feature Buddha bead and purifying lava stone but also Tiger Eye beads, an excellent crystal if you need some help with getting things done. 

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