Fire Obsidian: Magical Properties, Value and Meaning

Fire obsidian is a beautiful stone (glass) that shows iridescent colors that may look like they change when the stone is viewed from different angles. It is a rare form of black obsidian that is often coveted for its beauty as well as its believed powers.

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What is fire obsidian?

Fire obsidian is a variety of black obsidian. It is iridescent. Because it’s made of thin layers of magnetite. This natural made glass displays various brilliant colors and patterns. It is closely related to the rainbow obsidian found in Mexico.

Where to find fire obsidian?

So far, to date, fire obsidian has only been found in the place the glass Butte in Southeast Oregon. Here much of the fire obsidian is lying on top of the ground, where it can be picked up, which many tourists to the area do.

Fire obsidian hardness

All gems and stones hardness is measured using the MOHS scale. Fire obsidian rates 5 to 5.5 on the MOHS scale, which makes this stone medium-hard. Although fire obsidian is not considered to be a hard stone, it is known for its durability.

How to cut fire obsidian?

Fire obsidian can be challenging to cut. You would want to keep as much of the iridescence in the cut portion of the stone. That’s why cutting it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. So it’s better to ask a professional who has worked with fire obsidian before to cut it.

How to identify fire obsidian?

Since fire obsidian is a form of black obsidian, you will first need to identify obsidian in general. Obsidian has a glass-like feel to it, and the top of the obsidian crystals usually are smooth and round.

Fire obsidian will have an iridescence to it, that will show off colors in natural light, this color may appear as a single color, bands of colors or even swirls.

The colors in fire obsidian usually are not uniform. But some bands are quite distinct from one another. And may show the presence of one color over another depending on the angle the stone is turned.

How much is good fire obsidian worth?

The worth of good fire obsidian will depend on whether you are purchasing a raw or cut stone. Raw fire obsidian may be relatively inexpensive.

However, accurately cutting and polishing this crystal can be extremely difficult, making the price of these stones pretty expensive.

Some of these stones cost around $250.00 or more.

Of course, the larger the crystal, the higher the price will be for a properly cut and polished gem. 

Fire obsidian meaning

The meaning of fire obsidian is focusing on the good. It is a stone that is believed to be energy healing and have some grounding and protective qualities. It has been referred to as a guiding stone, and stone of pleasure. It is also known for emotional healing.

Fire obsidian can be worn, carried in your pocket, in your car, or place it in your house.

Fire obsidian properties

Fire obsidian is believed to have many healing properties and is a stone that is thought to bring love, joy, and light into the life of those who possess and use the stone.

It is believed that this stone can unlock untapped abilities and ease the pain. It is also said to help with problems involving the circulatory system. As well as aid in digestive health wound healing and detoxification.

Fire obsidian is believed to aid in reducing tension, and it is thought to give individuals strength to overcome an addiction.

It also is believed to protect the individual from negative feelings, both theirs and the negative emotions of others, and can help prevent depression.

Magical properties of fire obsidian

It is believed that fire obsidian has magical, as well as healing properties.

It is believed that this stone can protect the wearer from the evil eye and other black magic.

It is also thought to allow one to foresee the future. For magicians or those of a spiritual nature, it can give them victory over Astral forces.

It is also said to be a stone that can provide the owner with intuition and insight, guard against infidelity and help to suppress disruptive energy. 

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