Green Obsidian as a Mayan Artifacts and Its Modern Meaning

Green obsidian is a somewhat rare form of obsidian that can run from an opaque with a green sheen to almost translucent. Many people are drawn to this glass gemlike stone. Both of its color and for its benefits as a healing crystal.

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What is green obsidian?

Obsidian is a dark volcanic rock/glass that is made by the rapid cooling of lava without crystallization. Pure obsidian usually is dark, often black in color. And green obsidian gets its green color from varying amounts of iron and magnesium or by gas bubbles that get trapped in the rock by the cooling process.

Where is green obsidian found?

Green obsidian is found in Guatemala, Mexico, Mesoamerica, the Sierra Madre Mountains, and in Glass Mountain in Northern California.

What crystallization occurs in raw green obsidian?

Green obsidian is an amorphous crystal system and is a mineral class known as oxides. Green Obsidian is formed volcanically when lava rich in silicic acids cools rapidly, resulting in making a glass-like substance rich in minerals and sometimes gas.

Green obsidian value

The value of any obsidian is based on karat weight. Although green obsidian is a bit rarer than some other obsidian, it is still quite affordable for most people. Translucent green obsidian may be slightly more valuable than opaque specimens, and cut and polished stones are generally worth more than a raw stone.

How to identify fake green obsidian?

There are many sellers of fake green obsidian being sold as the genuine crystal. So being able to identify fake green obsidian is a must if you are buying this stone on your own.

Fake green obsidian is usually made from colored glass or slag. The number one way of identifying fake green obsidian is to look at the brightness of the stone. Most real green obsidian is a dark green color, while fake green obsidian can run from light to bright green.

Genuine natural obsidian runs the gambit from opaque stones with just a green sheen to almost translucent. However, even translucent green obsidian is not entirely see-through, while most fake obsidian is.

Green obsidian meaning

Green obsidian is associated with nature and love. It is believed to redirect your life to a better path so you can achieve a life full of freedom. It is also thought that green obsidian will remove blockages from your chakras.

Green obsidian benefits

Green obsidian offers many benefits, especially benefits that can connect you to nature in a new way. It is believed that this is a nurturing stone, as well as helping you to realize the tenderness of love. Green obsidian stimulates the heart chakra.

Its projective energy will help you to remove obstacles in your aura that have needed to be removed for a long time. This stone has both mystical and healing properties that can aid you in achieving the happiness you deserve.

Metaphysical properties of green obsidian

Green obsidian, like other types of obsidian, can help you achieve spiritual invulnerability. It is believed that this stone can help pets who dislike living in congested areas achieve inner peace and calmness and even improve the life of plants around you.

It is believed to be a cleansing stone that will help with physic self-defense and protect you from negative influences.

As well as help you overcome the emotional effects of pollution around you.

When used for meditation, green obsidian can help you to focus your thoughts and achieve a relaxing mental balance and a sense of peace.

Green obsidian is said to have the ability to heal emotional wounds that have long been festering and bring love and compassion in place of the hurt and anger.

It is thought to be a stone that gives strength to people who are going through difficult times in their lives to make it through to those happier times they need and deserve.

It is also said that this stone is nurturing and can heal tensions between couples, siblings and parents, and children.

Green obsidian healing properties

Green obsidian is believed to have healing properties for both the mind and the soul. While physically, this stone is supposed to help relieve headaches and increase fertility, it is this stone’s profound healing benefits that most people seek.

Since it is considered a nurturing stone, it is believed that this stone can lend strength to those who are feeling weak in mind, body, or spirit.

Green obsidian as Mayan artifact

The Mayan Culture is known for it’s the use of obsidian for many different things. These people used this stone for the making of tools such as spear points, knives, and lances.

Green and black obsidian was used in burial sites to help people find their way and has been found in the graves of both animal and children sacrifices.

Various carving techniques were used to turn green obsidian into figurines, jewelry, and this stone was traded for other things the Mayans needed.

As the obsidian blades lost their sharpness, they were turned into scraping tools or converted into other useful tools such as awls. The ease of which this glass-like stone could be worked made it a popular material for the Mayans.

Green obsidian knife use

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3″ green obsidian knife from Amazon

Green obsidian was often used to make knives from the ancient times (including back then in Mayan tribes). The obsidian was shaped into blades then usually attached to something like a deer leg for a handle.

These knives were then used to butcher animals, cute through skins and vines, and for a variety of other purposes.

The tools were precious and made by skilled craftsmen who were used to working with obsidian and could form the blades for the knives without ruining them by pressing too hard. Some of these knives had thin cutting surfaces that were skillfully achieved. 

Green obsidian jewelry

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Since this mystical stone of the Mayan Indians is quite rare, it can be challenging to find a jewelry piece made green obsidian. But I’ve managed to discover this necklace, and I think it’s quite worthy.

It features a large chunk of genuine green obsidian and a leather cord or silver stone – whatever you prefer.

The crystal is shaped and polished beautifully. So you can not only enjoy all the benefits of the gem, like positivity and freedom of spirit but also become an owner of a very classy jewelry piece.

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