Amber Birthstone: How Can It Benefit Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Cancer, and More?

Amber is a classic gemstone that can be found in color from a pale yellow to a vibrant dark yellow, sometimes with an orangish tinge. This gemstone isn’t actually a stone at all, but rather a hardened resin from trees.

Nevertheless, healers from all epochs gave this gem some props for its qualities. Ambers beauty is more than just on its outer appearance, it is in the depth of its power to heal the mind, body, and soul of those whose lives it is meant to affect. 

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What is Amber, and where does it come from?

Amber is a fossilized resin from trees that takes millions of years to form. The resin is either dropped from healthy trees or is left behind a tree dies and decays and then through the centuries become buried underground.

The pressure put on this resin from the earth hardens it to rock-like consistency. Where it is later dug up and treasured both for its beauty and its powers. 

What month is Amber birthstone?

Amber is considered to be the birthstone for November and therefore affects both the astrological signs of Scorpio (born from October 23 to November 22) and Sagittarius (from November 23 to December 21).

But Amber also related to other different months. The list includes May, July, September, and December as this gem is also named as the astrological birthstone for Taurus, Leo, and Virgo in various sources. 

With Amber playing a role in the lives of people born in so many different months, it is no wonder that this ancient fossil is highly regarded and much sought after. 

What is Amber gem meaning?

Amber is a powerful gem for those that can claim Amber as their birthstone or astrological birthstone. This stone is believed to help to activate interaction and build lasting relationships, often leading to deep love.

It helps to clear the mind and balances emotions, pushing those more negative emotions away. It also helps to enhance vitality as well as helping to reach those business goals you want to achieve. 

Amber crystal healing properties

Amber also has powerful healing properties and is known as a natural purifier believed to draw pain and disease from the body. As well as purifying the mind and the spirit.

It thought to aid in tissue regeneration, and if you gaze into it is said to improve eyesight. (It’s not entirely scientific. However, there are still many things that scientists can’t explain). It is also known as a powerful cleanser for the chakras. 

Cancer and Amber birthstone (June 21 to July 20)

Amber believed to have the ability to transmit cosmic energies, which can help to increase the vitality of Cancer greatly. It can also help to clear the mind and balance out those fluctuating emotions. And, according to healers, Amber can also purify the body, mind, and spirit. And that will definitely help Cancer to live a happier and better life. 

Amber as a birthstone for Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Amber is considered one of the gemstone birthstones for Leo and, therefore, may have a bit more power over this astrological sign. Amber can help Leo clear his mind and focus on those things that are important.

It also assists Leo in balancing their emotions so that they can make better and faster decisions. Amber also enhances Leo’s vitality. And that bursting energy is one of the reasons that Leo makes for such a strong leader. 

Scorpio and its birthstone Amber (from October 23-November 22)

With Amber being the birthstone for December, it is easy to see why this gemstone would have a significant influence on Scorpio and bring many positive benefits to this sign.

When calm Scorpio’s frantic side emerges, Amber helps them to focus and soothe their minds of negative emotions such as jealousy or vindictiveness.

It also allows Scorpio to overcome any feeling of mistrust and build lasting relationships based on mutual love. 

Amber birthstone jewelry

Amber stone necklace

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This necklace made of a genuine raw baltic amber (sometimes it can be challenging to find) is an amazing piece of jewelry not only for Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Leo, or Virgo but anyone who would like to give a try to gem’s anti-inflammatory properties. On top of the potential healing effect, the piece is really beautiful and simply terrific to wear. 

Amber stone bracelet

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This piece is made of various amber beads  – from cherry to translucent yellow- and probably that’s how it gets its expensive feel. The bracelet is almost weightless when you wear it making it’s super comfortable. It’s also stretchy, so it will fit wrists of various sizes. A terrific little piece for any zodiac sign that eager to experience that soothing healing amber energy. 

Amber birthstone ring

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Elegant and beautiful ring with a gorgeous antique-y look that will satisfy the tastes not only those who love any kind of birthstones but also those who care about being stylish as well. The piece of amber used in this ring is transparent orange with pretty swirls inside. 

And it’s massive. Giving you all the birthstone’s healing energy in the stunning wrapper. 

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