9 Best Crystals for Abundance: for Love, Money, Success, and More

Our core beliefs, including the ones related to money and wealth, have been developed since early childhood. Thanks to our parents, who sometimes can go on and on with: “We can’t afford this” mantra, we might feel unworthy of achieving financial success unconsciously. 

Many techniques can help you fix it, like raising your vibrations to money frequency or various visualizations. And crystals for abundance might be a quick and easy way to strengthen your efforts and ensure it will turn out to be a success. 

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Best 3 crystals for abundance


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This abundance stone is known for its wealth energy. You can “program” this gem for the type of wealth that you would like to experience. This could be anything, starting from health to friendships. Pro tip: aventurine’s energy can get two times more powerful if you bundle it up with citrine! When combined, those two powerful manifestation gems deliver the greatest outcome.

Tiger’s eye

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This stone suggests that there isn’t always one way to get what you want to be done. While connecting with Tiger’s Eye, you’ll see the situation through a different perspective.  

It is believed to give you the willpower and motivation to take action on the way to achieving your goals (whether those are financial or any others). And it will help you stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize even in hectic situations.

Tiger’s eye is also known as a powerful talisman of good fortune and luck, guiding you to make shrewd financial decisions. 


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This intense golden abundance stone is believed to improve creativity, intelligence, and drive. Its thick, grounding energy increases willpower, as well as the capability to follow through. Pyrite helps build success in business and accumulate riches. 

Best crystals for financial abundance

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Malachite is one of the most well-known crystals for an abundance of money. Its crystalline structure creates a huge amount of vibrations that eliminates negativity and shields its owner from troubles.

It is also believed to open up the door for new possibilities and call for wealth into your life. One great trick to make the best of this stone is to store it with money. Thus it will match money energy and attract more of it into your life.

Crystals for love and abundance

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One of the best crystal combos for building strong and abundant relationships fueled with love is a pair of Aventurine and Rose Quartz. Both of these gems are connected with the Heart Chakra. Aventurine yields the wealth and manifestation of love, and Rose Quartz enhances that by unlocking the energy flow and opening your heart to every kind of love. 

Crystals for manifesting abundance

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Clear quartz is a powerful stone that you need to use with other abundance-attracting crystals. This will amplify their vibrational properties. With its clearness, this crystal can be attuned to any intentions you want. Which makes it a great stone for manifesting abundance.

Whether you are setting up a new business or looking to set realistic financial goals, this little gem is believed to help you keep your money-related intentions strong.  

Crystals for abundance and luck

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Jade is thought to be the greatest good luck charm when it comes to delivering prosperity and abundance. It brings in the harmony of collaborative relationships. It works as a reminder to be grateful for all that you already have.

Crystals for protection and abundance

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Shungite is known to balance all chakras and be particularly beneficial for the root chakra, helping stay grounded and bring what you desire into your life. But on top of it, Shungite helps redirect negative energy and draw positive ones, creating a protective shield around its owner. This alone will help to change your energy field, enabling you to attract luck and abundance.  

Crystals for success and abundance

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Citrine is often referred to as the Merchant’s stone because of it’s supposed ability to bring positive cash flow and financial success. You can keep citrine in your wallet at all times to make its thing and call upon more success and abundance into your life. 

How to use crystals for abundance?

Crystals work with the energy – and attracting more of what they get. There are various ways you can utilize this property at your favor while working with stones for abundance. Here are some ideas: 

  • Carry abundance crystals in your pocket to help you make better purchasing decisions throughout the day.
  • Place money crystals in the left-hand corner of your house or office (known as the wealth corner) to strengthen financial intentions.
  • Wear abundance stones as jewelry, like bracelet or necklace, to ensure you’re getting more help from them.
  • Put your favorite money crystal on the associated Chakra when visualizing and meditating. 
  • Keep gems around your home as reminders of the energy you are attracting.

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