Hackmanite: Very Rare Stone for Exploring Your Sense of Oneness

Hackmanite is a rare sulfur-rich variety of Sodalite. An interesting fact about this crystal is that it can change color when exposed to sunlight. It has a color ranging from pale to deep violet. And when you place the crystal in the sun, it can shift to gray or green colors. But beyond being pretty, it has some powerful properties to offer. 

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What is Hackmanite?

Hackmanite is one of the few stones with tenebrescence properties. It is believed that this crystal might have the power to boost the owner’s happiness.

Also, it might help you remove negative energy from your life. An interesting fact about this crystal is that it changes its color within seconds of sunlight exposure. But keep in mind that the crystal might require up to seven days to regain its original color. 

Where did Hackmanite come from?

Hackmanite was first discovered in Greenland. But as for today, you can find this crystal in areas such as Myanmar, Quebec. However, experts say that the highest quality Hackmanites come from Afghanistan. 

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Is Hackmanite a rock or mineral?

Hackmanite is part of the feldspathoid group of minerals. It is a sulfur-rich chloric sodium aluminum silicate. And you should know that this mineral is one of the rarest gemstones due to its optical phenomena. 

What does Hackmanite look like?

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Rare pink inclusions Hackmanite from Afganistan. Found it here

Hackmanite is easy to identify. It stands out from its parent stone, Sodalite, due to the sulfur content. Also, this crystal has a rare property: it changes color based on how much sunlight absorbs. It is an opaque crystal with a vitreous luster and some white inclusions. The most wanted Hackmanite crystals are the intense deep purple ones. 

Is Hackmanite a rare stone?

Even though it can be found in several areas of the globe, it qualifies as a rare stone. The tenebrescence effect is very unique, and you won’t see it in many other gemstones. 

Hackmanite hardness

Hackmanite has a hardness ranging from 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Its density is between 2.14 and 2.40, while its cleavage is labeled as indistinct. 

Difference between Hackmanite and Sodalite

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Raw Sodalite stones. Found it here

Hackmanite is a variety of Sodalite exhibiting tenebrescence properties. This means that Hackmanite is part of the Sodalite family, but it stands out due to the interesting composition and features. 

Hackmanite meaning and benefits 

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Changing shades Hackmanite ring. Found it here

According to ancient healers, this crystal might boost mental capabilities. Hence, one of the main potential benefits of this stone is that it might offer you the strength to use your higher knowledge and access divinity.

Another great thing about Hackmanite might be its ability to allow you to express your feelings with ease. And it is thought that Hackmanite might aid in granting one access to their crown chakra

Hackmanite metaphysical properties

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Raw Hackmanite from Russia. Found it here

Hackmanite sometimes called the stone of eternal belonging. It is a versatile crystal that might have the power to remind one that everything has its time and place. Ancient healers believed that Hackmanite might support strengthen self-esteem, feelings of happiness, and confidence.

This crystal’s attributes as a chakra stone are vast and relate to the throat, the crown, and the third eye energy points. As a result, the wearer might feel energized due to the strengthened connection between heaven and earth.

Hackmanite healing properties

Many healers believed that it is the best crystal for treating issues such as insomnia or similar sleep disorders. It was also thought to help the owner achieve a deep state of relaxation at any time.  

Hackmanite jewelry

Healers say that this type of jewelry mustn’t be scratched or cracked, impeding its potential healing properties. Also, it might be a good idea to clean it with a soft clean cloth and lukewarm water. Avoid using any chemicals or soaps, too. And once it’s clean – wear it for mental clarity and feeling connected. 

Hackmanite ring

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Natural Hackmanite ring. Found it here

Since this crystal is somewhat rare, it’s not that easy to find it on sale. But here’s my top choice of Hackmanite jewelry – this gorgeous ring. Hackmanite is both subtle and powerful. Healers believe that it might help you heal and balance your third eye chakra, throat chakra, and heart chakra.

This ring might help you deal with feelings of fear and anxiety. (And if you are looking for more stones that might be helpful in dealing with this condition I suggest to check my post on grounding crystals). But at the same time, healers believe that it can help you achieve genuine feelings of happiness. Overall, this natural Hackmanite sterling silver ring is both stylish and potentially helpful for your energy field. 

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