Lodolite: Meaning and Usage of this Shamanic Dream Stone

Lodolite comes by many names – from Garden Quartz and Ghost Quartz to Inclusion Quartz and Shamanic Dream Stone. This kind of Quartz is created by including many other minerals and can look very different. But how about its properties? And how are shamans related to this stone? Read further to know it all. 

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What is Lodolite Quartz?

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Lodolite ring. Found it here.

“Lodolite” came from Greek and translated literally means “muddy stone.” Because in a sense Lodolite is muddy, with inclusions of many other minerals, e.g. Feldspar, Hematite, Chlorite, and many more.

Those inclusions create whirls of colors and incredible patterns inside Lodolite. That’s why this stone is so mesmerizing to observe. These crystals are mostly mined in Brazil, in Minas Gerais region along with other kinds of Quartz.

Is Lodolite natural?

Yes, it is. Usually, it is discovered in a Clear Quartz. And Lodolite inclusions can range in colors.  

Why do they call Lodolite as Shamanic Dream Stone?

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Lodolite palm stone. Found it here

In general, any stones shamans will use are supposed to be a great help with visualization. They enable the owner to connect and communicate with the Spirits.

Thanks to hypnotizing appearance, Lodolite is known as one of the most common crystals used to enhance daydreaming. These gems are like a portal into another dimension for Shaman. They are used to traveling into the other worlds, enhancing visions, and guiding their sleep.

Lodolite: meaning and benefits

Lodolite is often recognized by its gentle and soft energy it can transfer to people. This energy can put the owner into a deep meditative state. That’s why it’s so commonly used as a meditation tool. It may heal and soothe you in many ways. It believed to help to manifest your desires and enhance communication with people. 

Meditating with Lodolite is believed to bring some guidance from spirits. Or you can just hold this amazing crystal in your hands to use it as a visualization tool and to embrace it’s overseeing energy.  

Lodolite metaphysical properties

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Lodolite energetic cube. Found it here

Lodolite is believed to attract energies that will help to purify your spirit. It may also protect you from any toxic vibrations around you. As it’s essential to be free of negativity to attract positive thoughts, events, and energies. There are plenty of other metaphysical properties of this stone. For instance, it believed to help in: 

  • Improving spiritual growth 
  • Healing emotional traumas
  • Releasing attachments
  • Manifesting wishes and desires, and that’s just to name a few. 

Healing properties of Lodolite

Lodolite also believed in doing a lot of healing. Some thought it may strengthen the immune system. It is also recognized as a natural antiviral remedy for boosting the body’s anti-inflammatory processes. Some even find this crystal beneficial for the well-being of thymus glands – including thyroid and pineal glands.

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Which chakra is Lodolite related to?

Lodolite is usually linked with the Crown Chakra, responsible for bringing empathy and awareness to everyday life. When balanced, this chakra guides to enlightenment and inspiration. And that what we are all striving for, isn’t it? 

Lodolite Jewelry

Lodolite Pendant 

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This absolutely gorgeous Lodolite pendant is molded in 925 sterling silver. The stone comes from Brazil, and the piece itself is crafted by jewelry makers from Arizona.

The crystal is quite big – 1.00″ W X 1.00″ H X .4″ D – and will definitely attract some compliments. But most importantly, you will get the advantage of utilizing all Lodolite’s healing properties.

It believed to bring you all those good energies and help to manifest your desires and might even accompany you on a shamanic journey.

Lodolite ring

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An absolute stunner of a ring. It’s made of silver and also adjustable in size. So you can wear it on any finger you want. And gorgeous Lodalite will offer you a window into another dimension. I can totally see how gazing in this particular gem’s surface can promote a cosmic shift of consciousness and stimulate lucid dreaming, meditation, or spiritual journey. 

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