Sardonyx Birthstone and Its Powerful Gifts to Leos and Virgos

What is Sardonyx?

Sardonyx is a derivative of a silica mineral known as chalcedony. There are small layers of quartz fibers seen in this mineral. These layers are stacked on each other, and this gives it a banded look. They are formed through a hydrothermal process within the hollows of rocks.

Sardonyx was got from the Greek word “sard,” which stands for reddish-brown and “onyx,” which means veined gem. The best versions of this stone are found in India.

You can also locate the stones in Uruguay, Thailand, Germany, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Because of its attractiveness, Sardonyx was widely used in ancient times, and it was relatively inexpensive. 

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What does the Sardonyx birthstone look like?

Sardonyx is a mixture of red and brown layered sard stones. White, green, or black onyx stones are also seen within those layers. The strata that occur in this stone are either opaque or translucent. As a result of this, Sardonyx has a glamourous banded appearance. 

What color is Sardonyx?

This gemstone is semi-precious with white-colored and reddish-brown bands. Sardonyx could also be colored with carbon or iron, which gives it a black and brown coloring.

What birthstone is Sardonyx?

Traditionally, Sardonyx, as a July birthstone, is the ancient Russian calendar. It is the birthstone for August in the Gregorian, Polish, and Arabic calendars. Sardonyx is considered to be the most ancient August birthstone.

In 2016, it was adopted as the modern August birthstone. They are different in substance and quality. The zodiac signs for those born within this month are Leo and Virgo. This means that they have a relationship with this birthstone and can adopt it if they wish.

Sardonyx birthstone meaning

This stone symbolizes strength and protection. Roman soldiers use it to increase their willpower and self-confidence in times of war. Since ancient times, it has been known to integrity and virtuous conduct.

This precious gemstone is a symbol of good fortune and attraction – it has served a bonding talisman for friendships between people and even nations. Sardonyx has properties of harmony because of its mixture of different strata of minerals and stones.

This gemstone also believed to help the wearer absorb information faster. And therefore improve the understanding of the things that are happening around. This stone is also trusted to help put thoughts together and improve focus, to enforce the discipline of the mind. 

Sardonyx healing properties

Ancient healers believed that Sardonyx can act as a regulator for body fluids, metabolism, and the activity of the digestive system.

It is thought to help improve the rate of waste removal and absorption of nutrients.

Sardonyx has also been used by orthopedic doctors to repair bone and tissue damages and to strengthen the immune system. 

Leo and birthstone Sardonyx

Leo has many birthstones, and Sardonyx is one of them. Leos (born from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August) are known as optimistic, energetic, mesmerizing centers of attention. So Sardonyx, as a symbol of luck and attraction, might be right up Leo’s alley. 

Virgo and Sardonyx

Anyone born from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September is known to be a Virgo. Therefore, Sardonyx can serve as their birthstone, as well, especially if we are talking about August-born Virgos.

People of that sign are considered to be intelligent, honest, analytical perfectionists. Remember Roman soldiers who tend to take this gem to war to boost their confidence?

Well, a bit of will power and certainty on the path of achieving all the wins never hurt anyone. In particularly smart and determined perfectionists.

This stone will provide Virgo with the required strength for courage, energy, and endurance. And you can learn more about this sign in our guide dedicated to Virgo birthstones.  

Sardonyx jewelry

Sardonyx birthstone necklace

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This pretty piece comes from the stones found in Thailand. It looks absolutely amazing and arrives with a beautiful box all ready for gifting. It’s 19 inches long. And it’s my personal favorite length because it makes the item perfect both for everyday wear or for special occasions too. All birthstone properties are included. Prepare yourself for better luck and harmony.

Sardonyx birthstone earrings 

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These are gorgeous silver drop earrings. They are quite long (1.57*0.7 inches) to be noticed and capture some compliments. And depending on how active are your motions, you might feel the earrings touching your neck here and there.

That can be an excellent grounding reminder that your birthstone is around, helping you to grind away and turn all your dreams into reality. 

Sardonyx birthstone bracelet 

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This bracelet features AAA quality sardonyx stones. And it comes in an environmentally friendly linen bag with spare beads and a stretch rope in case you ever need it (very thoughtful!). 

The piece is carefully woven with double string, and the color of the rope matches the shade of the stones (very thoughtful again!). 

Since it’s made of genuine Sardonyx, every bead is different, so the shades and pattern of the bracelet might vary slightly.

But that’s a plus: each bracelet is truly unique and also super powerful. Which makes it an amazing and very affordable gift for any Leo or Virgo you love and care about. 

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