The Most Powerful October Birthstone: Is It Opal or Tourmaline?

October is a month of Scorpio and Libra. First are the most misunderstood of all astrology signs, full of contradictions. Second is the sign associated with perspective, diplomacy, and communication. But let’s learn more about their special stones. 

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What is October birthstone?

October actually has two birthstones, the Opal and pink Tourmaline.

The word Opal comes from Sanskrit “upala,” which means precious stone and from the Greek “Opallios,” which means to see a change in color.

This is a low hardness crystal with a sensitivity that could hurt in the wrong hands.

This birthstone helps all October-born reveal their emotions and to communicate their point of view. This gem assimilates negative energies but exposes all the good qualities of the wearer.

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Raw Opal crystals. Found it here

Tourmaline comes in a variety of different colors, including pink. Pink Tourmaline can range from very pale to deep dark pink. This crystal causes vibrations of love that aids anyone who is experiencing stress or anxiety. It encourages joy and good humor when worn by anyone born in October.

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Healing pink Tourmaline. Found it here.

October birthstones and colors

Opals come in a wide variety of colors, and each Opal has its own unique color variations. Some Opals have a fiery appearance. Many people purchase Opals, which are commonly seen in blue or pink.

Tourmaline like Opals also comes in several different colors. But only pink Tourmaline is considered the birthstone for October.

October birthstone Opal meaning

Opals are believed to help estranged family members reconcile. It is also thought to have the power of foresight, and a symbol of ever-changing fortune. This stone is also linked to creativity, hope, and innocence. It is believed that this gem protects people from bad things and people with bad intentions.

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October birthstone Tourmaline meaning

Pink Tourmaline is believed to bring love, joy, hope, and happiness into anyone’s life. It is also said that this gem can boost your mood and aid in your emotional health, helping you to develop a passion for living.

It is further believed that pink Tourmaline helps to regulate your metabolism. It is also said that this gemstone helps to detoxify the body and stimulate circulation. You can read more about this crystal in my article “Tourmaline Birthstone.”

October birthstone according to your date of birth

A person can have several birthstones based on their zodiac sign, birth month, and birth date.

When a birthstone is related to your birth date, it is believed that the stone resonates with your own vibrations and, as a result, enhances your overall well being. Crystal protectors related to your birth date have a close planetary association with you.

These crystal protectors are said to protect you from any cosmic wars that may affect you. Just scroll down to find the crystal associated with the day in October in which you were born.

Or read my guide to learn more about your birthstone by birth date

Date Gem by dayGem by month
October 1 birthstoneRubyOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 2 birthstone
PearlOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 3 birthstoneYellow SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 4 birthstoneLapis LazuliOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 5 birthstone
EmeraldOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 6 birthstone
Blue DiamondOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 7 birthstone
Tiger's EyeOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 8 birthstoneBlue SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 9 birthstone
Red CoralOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 10 birthstone
RubyOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 11 birthstone
PearlOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 12 birthstone
Yellow SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 13 birthstoneLapis LazuliOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 14 birthstoneEmeraldOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 15 birthstoneBlue DiamondOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 16 birthstone
Tiger's EyeOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 17 birthstoneBlue SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 18 birthstoneRed CoralOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 19 birthstoneRubyOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 20 birthstonePearlOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 21 birthstoneYellow SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 22 birthstoneLapis LazuliOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 23 birthstoneEmeraldOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 24 birthstoneBlue DiamondOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 25 birthstoneTiger's EyeOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 26 birthstoneBlue SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 27 birthstoneRed CoralOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 28 birthstoneRubyOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 29 birthstonePearlOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 30 birthstoneYellow SapphireOpal, Pink Tourmaline
October 31 birthstoneLapis LazuliOpal, Pink Tourmaline

October Birthstone Jewelry

Purchasing October birthstone jewelry can allow you to always keep your birthstone and it’s beneficial properties close at hand. Here is a look at some great pieces of birthstone jewelry if you are looking for a perfect gift for anyone born in October.

October Birthstone Necklace

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Here is a beautiful October birthstone necklace that any woman would be proud to own.

This dainty 12mm round lab-created white gemstone pendant comes on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. This beautiful necklace comes in a lovely gift box and makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

This necklace is large enough to attract attention, but still small enough to feel and look feminine. It’s well made, beautifully crafted, and well-priced. But it’s manmade.

And some people may prefer a natural stone (although it might come at a higher price tag). However, if you feel an attraction to this stone, you can charge it with love and affection since love is the most potent energy shifter.

Earrings with October birthstones

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Earrings are a great way to wear your birthstone since most women wear earrings regularly. Like these genuine Ethiopian opal stud earrings. The halo has paved diamonds embedded in the sterling silver, and the settings are pure, smooth, natural Opal gemstones. The earrings measure 10mm long and 8.2mm wide and have butterfly backings. 

Those are gorgeous and full of light and color. And you’ll get to benefit from all the birthstone qualities too. It is believed that Opals can help their owners fight indecisiveness and instill confidence bringing faithfulness, loyalty, and happiness into the owner’s life.

October birthstone bracelet

Birthstone bracelets are another way to wear your birthstone proudly as this Tourmaline bracelet shows. This crystal energy bracelets come in several styles. Each of the bracelets is made of Tourmaline beads in pink, green, and multiple colored.

This gem is believed to promote inspiration, happiness, and reduce fear while building self-confidence. But I am pretty sure you’ll also be able to harvest tons of compliments while wearing it. 

October birthstone pendant

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This small Opal pendant features a polished cushion-cut natural Opal topped with a natural blue topaz and a trail of diamond accents attaching the pendant to the chain. The pendant itself measures ¾ inches by 5/16 inches with an 18-inch sterling silver box chain with a lobster clasp closure.

This piece is dainty, and the combination of gemstones is particularly attractive and powerful. Remember, Opals are known to intensify emotions and encourage freedom and independence.

So if it’s something you might want some help with, maybe this October birthstone jewelry piece is right for you. 

Ring with October birthstone

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This sterling silver ring features genuine Pink Tourmaline and 4 pieces of White Topaz. The ring is beautiful and well made and comes with a jewelry pouch.

And as you might remember, Pink Tourmaline is said to have the energy of enthusiasm, brightness, and warmth. It’s a stone of emotion and passion. So with this ring, you are most likely to get more zest and joy into your life. 

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