Aventurine Birthstone: More Luck for Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo

The name Aventurine means “by chance,” and the natural stone is actually named after a type of glass that was first made by accident. This stone is used in jewelry, decorations for vases and bowls as well as monuments.

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What is Aventurine?

Aventurine is a form of transparent quartz. Its most common color is green, although it also comes in orange, brown, yellow, blue, gray, purple, or red. This stone has a sparkling experience known as aventurescence, which can impart a distinct and beautiful color.

What birthstone is Aventurine?

Technically, Aventurine is not mentioned on any birthstone charts, either modern or more ancient. However, green Aventurine is sometimes considered a Libra birthstone. It is also considered to be a planetary birthstone of both Taurus ( April 20-May 20) and Pisces (February 19-March 20).

Aventurine is sometimes considered to be a birthstone for Virgo (August 23-September 22). It also provides some influence over the zodiac sign Leo (July 23-August 22).

What is green Aventurine birthstone meaning?

The green Aventurine birthstone meaning is a sign of renewal. It is tied to prosperity and wealth and also believed to release old patterns and habits and to embrace change in your life.

It is said to protect the heart chakra and help recover optimism, hope, and joy in your daily life. It also assists in meditation. Green Aventurine has a strong connection to the earth and helps those under its influence to have a real zest for life. 

Aventurine healing properties

There are many different healing properties attributed to Aventurine. It is believed that this stone will help with the regeneration of both your body and your spirit. It is thought that this stone will help to calm anger and lower blood pressure allowing you to remain calm.

It is also thought that green Aventurine can soothe emotional wounds and help one unhealthy release relationships they have been hanging on to.

Taurus and its birthstone Aventurine

made of Aventurine from Amazon

Aventurine is the planetary birthstone for Taurus since it is considered to be a stone of spring and renewal. It is believed that Aventurine brings good health, success, and rejuvenation to Taurus.

It also is thought to help Taurus relieve stress and emotional pressure. And helping them to make more positive decisions in their career, love life, and life.

Aventurine and Leo

Aventurine also has some influence over the zodiac sign of Leo. And it is believed that this stone can help Leos to heal any negativity they are suffering from. 

Aventurine as a birthstone for Pisces

from Amazon

Green Aventurine is also a planetary birthstone for Pisces. It is believed that this stone can open a Pisces mind to positivity. It opens you up to allow good things to happen in your life by clearing the emotional blockage.

This stone is also thought to help Pisces to understand their own needs and emotions better so they can make decisions based on those needs.

Virgo and Aventurine as its birthstone

Aventurine is considered a planetary birthstone for Virgo and offers this sign many practical benefits. It is believed that this gemstone can revitalize the physical body and boost mental alertness.

It is also thought that Aventurine inspires creativity and sexuality. It is believed that this stone will help Virgo overcome their ego and choose the highest path to take throughout their life.

Aventurine jewelry

Aventurine necklace

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This stunning handmade necklace features the pedant shaped like the tree of life, and it comes with 24 inches steel chain too. The “tree” is made with genuine Aventurine and wrapped with copper for a very unique look. 

Not only will you receive all the benefits of aventurine birthstone with this piece, like the help with manifesting abundance and luck. The tree of life itself has a very special meaning. It symbolizes the groundedness and connection – intricate net of ever-expanding branches and roots. Powerful piece. 

Aventurine earrings

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Very Impressive pair of aventurine earrings designed in an antique-y style with floral motifs. It’s elegant, chic, very eye-catching and comfortable enough to wear it daily or reserve for special occasions only. 

The hook closure is quite smart and keeps the earrings secured in place at all times. The craftsmanship is exquisite too. 

A great piece not only for birthstone fans but also for anyone who has a great taste in jewelry. 

Aventurine ring

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A unique silver ring that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s gorgeous, has that vintage look. The design around the band is precious. The stone itself is lovely and polished beautifully.

Aventurine, also known as the stone of opportunity, is often connected with wealth and prosperity and also believed to help in embracing changes in your life. 

This ring features a 6 mm piece of Aventurine nested in a 3.5 mm width band. And it’s quite a large gem to benefit from all the potential birthstone qualities. 

Aventurine bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet can be worn by itself or combined with another crystal string bracelet for an extra gem power kick. It’s very comfortable to wear for both men and women and pretty much perfect for wrists from 6 to 7 inches. 

Leo, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo will definitely appreciate this Aventurine piece. This stone is believed to bring prosperity and increase the wearer’s luck. And those are both quite lovely things to manifest if you ask me. 

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