Carnelian Birthstone: Leo, Cancer, Taurus, and Aries are in Luck

Carnelian is a form of Chalcedony that is found in Brazil, India, Russia, and Germany. It has been used for centuries as a gemstone and found in jewelry back as far as the ancient Egyptians.

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Carnelian stone beliefs

Various people throughout the centuries have used the Carnelian and believed this stone held certain powers. This stone was often associated with power, protection, and positive energy. 

Ancient Egyptians believe that the stone would help the deceased through the afterlife. Romans thought the Carnelian signified courage, and the Greeks and Babylonians believed this stone would bring them good luck.

Today it is assumed to enhance the life of the wearer and balance the second chakra. It promotes success and vibrates positive energy and helps with decision making and motivation.

What color is the Carnelian stone?

The Carnelian stone usually is solid in color. It comes in a reddish-brown, orange, or amber. When polished, the stone has a warm glow to it, which makes it ideal to used in a variety of jewelry.

Carnelian birthstone months and signs

The Carnelian stone is the birthstone for not only the month of August but for several of the zodiac signs as well. These signs include Aries, where this stone promotes vitality and joy and assists in increasing concentration and diminishing fears.

It is also the birthstone of Taurus bringing peace and happiness to the owner of the stone. It helps reduce congestion and inflammation as well as building courage and confidence.

The Carnelian helps Leo with anger and rage, helping them feel inner joy and peace. The Carnelian helps Taurus deal with a broken heart and helps defend from colds and allergies.

The Carnelian aids Cancer in balancing and grounding themselves and encourages their creativity. For the Virgo, it helps in relaxing their mind and emotions and helps them with their mental clarity.

The Carnelian stone also provides powerful influence over those Scorpios who are born in November. Helping them with their passion, courage, and ambition.

Carnelian birthstone meaning

The Carnelian has a powerful effect on the root chakra, helping to circulate their vital energy to your center. This stone can guide you to face your fears and bring out your hidden talents, It boosts confidence and brings abundance and happiness. It also promotes positive life choices and protects you against envy, rage, and resentment.

Cute Carnelian palm stones from Sivana

Carnelian healing properties

Carnelian stone believed to have many healing properties. 

It helps to restore vitality, used to treat lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, and depression. Healers also utilized the gem to accelerate the curing of ligaments and bones.

Cancer and its birthstone Carnelian

Carnelian is a powerful birthstone for Cancer. It stimulates the appetite and improves motivation. It promotes a Cancer to be more determined, and ambitious and have more of a drive. When placed in the home of a Cancer, Carnelian believed to protect against storms, fires, theft, and accidents.

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Leo and Carnelian birthstone

As a birthstone for Leo Carnelian assists with creativity and personal power, enhances the Aries feelings of confidence and joy. 

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Is Carnelian a Taurus birthstone?

Carnelian also has an influence on Taurus providing this sign with many of the same benefits that Cancer enjoys: more motivation, energy, and drive. 

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Carnelian as Birthstone for Aries

Carnelian, as a birthstone for Aries, helps them achieve peace and harmony. It helps them be more courageous and have more of a zest for life. Carnelian protects Aries from negative vibrations and diminishes fears. It brings Aries happiness, consolation, and healing.

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Virgo and Carnelian as its birthstone 

As a birthstone for Virgo, Carnelian believed to help Virgo gain mental clarity and be more positive. The stone can help teach the volatile Virgo to balance their higher and lower energies and help to ease depression. 

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Carnelian jewelry

Carnelian necklace

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Gorgeous necklace made of genuine Carnelian chips that are cool to touch and soothing to wear. It’s about 17.75 inches in length but might slightly differ because the stone is natural, and each chip varies in size.

The quality and overall look of the piece is breathtaking. Especially if you appreciate natural crystals as much as I do.

The designers created this item are very dedicated to the topic of healing crystals. So they clean and charge every single necklace they sell.

And the piece also comes with complimentary Selenite gem, for all the times you might need to charge your Carnelian for new intentions in the future.  

Carnelian earrings

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These are well-made and very unique looking sterling silver earrings. They are only about 1.45 inches long, not too heavy or tacky in any way, but very elegant and noticeable.

Carnelian stones are beautiful and vibrant in color. And the pair is very reasonably priced, considering that the gems are real. All the benefits of this birthstone included, of course.

Carnelian is a fantastic crystal for anyone who wants to feel more energy, protection, and warmth. It also gives you more courage to move forward with any of your goals. Very powerful birthstone.

Carnelian ring

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Very minimalistic but super stylish and powerful Carnelian ring. Easily stackable so you can combine several stones for more birthstone support or wear one as it is. The band is about 3mm in width, and it’s pretty much perfect if you are not a fan of too many details and fancy designs. 

The ring is very unisex, so it will work both for men and women. The vibrations of Carnelian are believed to manifest more joy in wearers’ life and keep him or her very motivated and strong-willed. So there’s hardly anything I don’t love about this ring. It’s so basic yet perfect. 

Carnelian bracelet

Mini energy bracelet from Sivana

This pretty bracelet is perfect to wear as it is or combined with another crystal string bracelets for an extra gem power kick. It’s very comfortable to wear for both men and women and pretty much perfect for wrists from 6 to 7 inches. 

Leo, Cancer, Taurus, and Aries will definitely appreciate this Carnelian piece. This stone believed to bring good luck, warmth and grounding energy for owners life.

This bracelet is available at Sivana, an awesome spiritual gear store. And the founders were super nice to offer a 30% discount to my readers. To activate the offer you can use the code BUDDHATOOTH at the checkout.

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